Hornby Farmers’ Market and etc.

Hello, tiny wee and little fan base.  I am on my last full day on Hornby Island and it has been a slow and mellow time, not to be confused with my slow time in Vancouver.  Well, mellow in the sense that the Glenda and Gloria are mellow.  Two more mellow people would be hard to find.

Saturday is Farmers’ Market here on Hornby and I went last year when I was here and again this morning.  Lots of beautiful pottery and jewelry – not a tacky piece in the bunch.  I wanted to SPEND A LOT OF MONEY THERE.  But I held my self back because I DON’T HAVE A JOB BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A MASTERS.  Sorry, a bit of obsessiveness there.  I knew that going in but had a little magical thinking.

Anyway, at the market they have frozen mango on a stick.  That was interesting and tasty.

I dig the chilled vibe there – that’s how we talk on Hornby.  More dread locks and funky relaxed people who like to make conversation.   Not like Kitsilano Pool I’ll tell you that, people, I will tell you that.

So I ended up having frozen mango on a stick and a brownie for lunch.  Both nice little treats.

I accidentally let Lola the dog out to run away and so Gloria and I chased her down.  I was only one not so mellow about it.  The Glenda was afraid she’d get shot for chasing chickens.  “On mellow Hornby?”  I asked.  “There are guns here,” she said.  “Oh,” I said.

I’ve been doing a bit of riding on an extra bike they have out here so that’s very nice.  It’s a mountain bike and a wee one but we cyclists adapt.  I hear tell that it is supposed to be quite nice in the big city where no one talks to you next week, so I’ll be back to my overbiking.  Hmmm, and job applying and etc.

This may shock you, tiny fan base, but I do tend to get quite nihilistic about this whole job thing. Obsess, obsess, worry, worry.  “Karen obsesses very well,” said the Glenda to the Gloria.  I beamed with pride.  “Well, we all have a talent,” I said, a bit giggly.

Now Glenda is going to tile so they have a place to put in the woodstove that is coming.  I’m going to go to the potter’s house two doors down and NOT SPEND MONEY ALTHOUGH I WILL WANT TO.

Oh!  There is Ms. Pacman and Galaga on the ferry – at least the one I was on to get here.  A quarter a game!  It is just like I’m sixteen again.

Yo, Gail, shall we renew our Friday gatherings?  Maggie May, I’ll be by next week.

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