Welcome, commenters from that blog that I don’t really agree with

Well, I’ve unanonymoused (not a word!) myself from the comments I was making on another blog.  Some of the other commenters were getting all snippy-ish about anonymouse commenters and I thought, ‘hey, hey now, I can get more readers to my blog! if I unanonymousize myself.’  Gotta get those numbers up.

What else?  Hmmm, still teaching two whole hours a day which I stretch into about four or so hours as I come in early and stay after to prep.  I’ve got a bit over a month left there and the two hours increases to three hours next week.  Woo hoo and etc.

Seems the one evening a week Business Writing for ESL course will be running at Langara starting Oct. 3.  It will run for eight weeks. 

All of this part timeness at various places still leaves me broker than broke and unemployed again come the end of October.  Eeek.  I am proud of myself though – there was a book I really really wanted to buy but it is expensive as books are, so I have not!  And yes, it is on hold at the library.  But me, I’m all about immediate reading gratification in my OCD way.  But the simple fact is, I need money for like food.  And pants, I desperately need a new pair of pants!

Oh and I have the official interview this week to see if I qualify to pay $200 to train to be an IELTS examiner.  I know other people who’ve taken the two day over a weekend course and it is brutal, they say.  Many people fail and don’t get their money back!  And even if you pass and can be an examiner, it is said to be tough tough.  Oh and it is all supposed to be hush hush, kinda like being an undercover detective

The Masters applying has hit a snag and USQ seems to not be getting back to me.  I may have to call in a few days or weeks ahead but calling to Australia is a little pricey. Oh wait, I’ll get a phone card.  Oh that’s okay then.  The deadline isn’t until October 29th but really USQ, get back to me with my important questions.

So it sounds like a lot is happening but really, not much is happening!  I still seem to be wiling away hours and hours doing just about nothing.  Hmmm.

I read on another blog (not the one where I have unanonymoused myself) and the writer was saying how annoying it is when job ads say ‘salary based on experience’ or something like that.  She went on to say that this usually means they pay crap and she is right!  This is the case in ESL anyway. 

So I veer between being terrified of running out of money and being unemployed forever, to quite excited that I’m getting some direction to enjoying napping in the middle of the day (which really messes up my night time sleeping so then I nap again and oy, the vicious circle).  November and December and probably January seem like pretty dead work months though.  Hmmm.

Oh and I was sad to hear that Bonnie Franklin from the BEST 70s SERIES EVER, One Day at a Time, has pancreatic cancer.  I loved One Day at a Time.  Was it not a classic?  Was it not?

So, welcome to some commenters from the blog that I don’t agree with.  And if you want to comment, you are welcome to.  Just not anonymously ironically enough.

4 thoughts on “Welcome, commenters from that blog that I don’t really agree with

  1. Hi Karen Anon! 😀 You are in Vancouver, WA? I read in another of your blogs that you were thinking of getting back into communication? What are you looking for? I work for GE and they have a TON of jobs!

    1. Oh hey, Tammy! Thanks for checking my blog out. I live in Canada actually – too bad! I kinda gave up on communications after four months of searching – too many applicants with way more recent experience, too few jobs. So i’ve gone back into teaching ESL although getting a full time job at that has not really been happening.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hey, Tammy, I’m not going to get too much into the other blog we comment on – but I have to tell you, I think you are wasting your time over there! Sure, they all seem super duper nice and they probably are. But their absolute ignorance around the topics of which they speak is astounding. Most of their arguments are mis-informed and often actually against facts (small i.e. the origin of marriage). They’ll be super polite and friendly, Tammy, but make no mistake they would vote you out of existence if they could. The nicest people think the most horrifying things type thing. I was going to that blog mainly because it made me feel smart comparatively, ha. Your choice of course but those folks are entrenched in what they’ve been told to believe. Anyway, I’m not going to go on about this as I don’t want to turn my blog into that but I just wanted a way to let you know what I was thinking!

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