I love pugs

I was going to post a photo I have of me and a pug that sat on my lap in the park earlier this year.  I love pugs and i was being all gooey lovey dovey with the pug and MY HAIR LOOKED FABULOUS.  But I had trouble getting that pic from FB to here and I want to read my soap opera digest now and it is almost 10 pm!  So instead, I have posted an almost 50 year old picture of my sister, Sherri, on the potty.

hmmm – a more depressing post but that is job searching, people

Wow, a month today I finished up my short-term contract at that icky school.  Ick.

Of course this means that I haven’t worked, yet again, in A MONTH.  Of course, if I knew when this would end,  it wouldn’t be so difficult.  But of course I don’t.  I subbed for 4 hours at UBC last week which is nice but it doesn’t pay the bills at all.  I’m on some other sub lists as well but no bites.

I’ve applied for some jobs – no bites.

Of course, it is a difficult time of year – winter and ESL teaching don’t always go together.  Sigh.  And as I say, I have had to in earnest start living off of my savings – and wow they go so fast.  I imagine one day soonish I’ll have no savings and no job.  Yikes.

Vancouver is a difficult town.  I might have a couple of months of work at UBC starting in Feb. – 8 weeks of work to be exact – but that is short term.  I can only work in the short term programs up there and they don’t always need ‘outside’ people and short programs only run Feb.-March and July-August.  So even if they needed me for all of them, it is only less than 4 months of work!  The longer programs – Intensive English Program (IEP), that is the ‘meat’ of it all.  They don’t need me and when they need folks, the go with the already mastered.  Sigh.

I realize I’ve written most of this before, I’m just trying to work it all out I guess in my own brain.  Am I wasting my time trying to (slowly) do a Masters?  I don’t know.  Aaargh Vancouver and its expensive housing, food, etc and its competition for  every tiny job.  And yet, I love Vancouver and don’t really want to leave!

Yeah, so way too much tiime laying about, alone.  I mean I study for my course (must try and start the essay soon even though I don’t thoroughly understand the topic!), try to exercise (today, a bike ride to the pool then a swim I think), go to my writers’ group, go to mindfulness meditation, etc but still, it’s generally me with me and me and me.  Uh, sigh.

On a positive note, it is sunny again today so that’s very nice and helpful.  Really it is – way better than the grey skies!

Depressing post, over and out.

unemployed, you say

Hi, I’m still unemployed!  And living off of my savings!  So that’s all kinds of fun.  HA.

Ha, I say, ha.

Soon, I shall have to live in a fridge box on the street.  Equally fun.

Anyway, taking advantage of the unemployed time – went for the – wait for it – mammogram.  The screening mammogram. I had my first one a few years ago.  All I really remember is the German technician shouting at me, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO BREATHE!”  Eeek.

This one was at BC Women’s Hospital.  Seems I got my time wrong and was there two hours early. After a bit of a standoff with the receptionist, they took me in after about half an hour.  FIrst, you go from the waiting room to a tiny tiny cubicle that is beside other tiny tiny cubicles.  But it did seem somewhat streamlined.

This time I had a wee middle-aged Chinese woman as the technician.  She had dyed part of her hair pink.    The squisher machine isn’t as forceful now so that was somewhat better.  This poor woman just sees all kinds of breasts all day.  I guess you get used to it and she would be kept abreast I guess of any – well I don’t know but I just wanted to try and make a wee pun.

At one point in the contortionist act, she noted to me, ‘you are shaking.’

“Yes,” I said, “I always shake.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Probably doesn’t matter,” I said.

After four X-rays we were all done and unlike last time, I didn’t have to wait to see if she needed to re-do them – she can tell right away.  They let you and your doctor know in a week if you are dying or not, so that’s good.

It was my exciting outing for the day!  Now I’m at Glenda’s and she is in the other room writing a novel or some such and I am on her laptop in the living room with the dog.  This is somewhat better than being in my house alone with no Glenda and no dog.

Tomorrow and Thursday I sub for a whopping 2 hours a day at UBC.  And tomorrow evening is my final class of teaching the Business Writing class at Langara.  Kinda glad to be done.  There will be another class starting Jan. 30 but they may or may not have students and that is a LONG way away.  I enjoyed the 7 students in the business writing class – very high level and great questions, etc.  Although I’ve found it hard to rev. up after hours (days!) of doing nothing and maybe wasn’t always at my teaching best.  Uh well.

I’m thinking I won’t find a job until at least March, if then.  Yowza!

My one course for my Masters is going along I think.  I’m starting to think about the essay and the take home test and etc.  Eeeek!

Woman in my life, go get a screening mammogram so that you can know ahead of time if you are dying or not. Kindly.

writers reading their writing

First of all, what up with this whole David I can’t spell his last name Petreaus thing.  I could look it up, by why.  I think iti s Petraeus.  I wasn’t really paying attention but apparently it is blowing up into hugeness.  Petraeus had an affair with the woman who wrote a book about him.  And now the society woman who i think outed all this is claiming she got harrassing e-mails from the high level military official she had a fling with and he has resigned too.


So I walked to my local library tonight and found the latest issue of the Walrus! and a couple of other things. I also heard an author talking about her first book, Nicolaii’s Daughters.  Stella Harvey is the author”s name. The little room in the basement of the library was packed with listeners – she knew most of the folks but not all.  And darned if the great Vancouver writer who I vaguely worship, Caroline Adderson, was in the crowd.  She seems to write mainly teen fiction now but I’ve enjoyed her adult fiction.

So I felt vaguely inspired to write my way out of a bored coma.  But I NEED PEOPLE AROUND ME.  Sheesh, I say.  Sheesh.

The Mormon blog comment section has gone boringly silent for the moment.  I realize that it was incredibly arrogant of me to say that I feel intellectually superior to the Mormon commenters.  Yeah, true enough, that is so arrogant.  But I mean check this out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6udew9axmdM  Someone got secret footage of Mormon temple ceremonies.  The Mormon Church had them taken down, calling it ‘hate speech’.  Guess that got overturned.  Fascinating really, very masonic some say.  The fellow who writes the blog is actually pretty smart and as a Mormon he would believe and have participated in some of those ceremonies.  Uh huh.  It is arrogant as heck of me though to think that my mocking little comments will cause some of these LDS-ers to think, ”oh my gosh, some of my beliefs are crazy! I didn’t even realize I believed them.  I just always believed what I was told and I have a great community of people who believe the same thing.”   Yes, that is wrong of me.  Many religions have some wackiness to them but it’s when they are secret that make me go hmmm.


Oh, how fun is it to be living off of my savings.


must go read something now.


oh here I am after almost a month!

No excuses really.


Hmmm, seems wordpress is demanding some kind of upgrade and that upgrade costs $.  Hmmm.

Anyway, a quick update.  I finished my teaching gig at the icky school on October 26th.  PHEW.  I shall leave it at that but really, PHEW.

Of course this means I’m unemployed again and that is not phew at all.  I’m bored, unstructured and broke.  No more EI so I’m living off of my savings.  Eeek, is all I can say to that.

I’ve done a tiny bit of subbing up at UBC but that isn’t often and not regular.  So there you go.  Nothing much happening out in the work world and it’s November and raining and cold.  Oy.

I did decide to start my distance ed. Masters in TESOL and have decided to take one course at a time.  The class, such as it distance is, officially started today.  There will be discussion forums, an essay and a test as evaluation.  Eeek.  I like learning though so it is good.  If I keep doing it one course at a time, it will take about 2.5 years so I’ll see.  Financially and intellectually, one course at a time is good for now.  Will any of it help me actually get a job?  That is unknown really.  So, uh, yeah, that is where I am at.  Unstructured and broke but taking a distance ed course.  Not all bad.  EI come back!  Not too happy living off of my (dwindling) savings.

I’ve been attempting to keep up the exercise in order to somewhat counteract my major bouts of lying about.  Went to the gym today for a little stationary cycling and then stretching.  Wowza the little community centre gym was hopping with people not working due to the Remembrance Day holiday.  Then I went to Michelle’s and lost a little Scrabble and Backgammon.

It is actually supposed to be sunny on Wednesday and Thursday.  yeehaw!

What else?  Oh geez, I’m still commenting on the Mormon blog!    Hey, I’ve gotta do something on these long days.  No, no, I don’t want to become Mormon.  Rather, I want to debate with the Mormons because of a) my fascination with cults b) I’m bored c)I get to feel intellectually superior (having written that, I am aware that there are intellectual Mormons, just not on the site I am commenting on. d)I’m bored x 2 e) I forget f) it gives my jaw a work out dropping so much at some of the comments g) I’m not that nice a person really and so there’s that.  h) weirdness i) how dare I j) if I can’t beat Michelle at Scrabble or Backgammon, I need to feel smarter somewhere k) cause l) oh my gosh I need a job and structure m) if Mormon missionaries ever approach me, I can just say, ‘go see my comments on the Mormon blog I am obsessively commenting on and then you will never darken my door again n) I hear Utah is really beautiful with the Badlands and all o) I’m bored x 3  p) etc.

Hmmm, what’s up for tomorrow?  Well, I shall continue to apply for jobs that don’t exist.  There’s a little mindfulness meditation at 11:30 for 1.5 hours (the actual meditation is about 45 minutes.  Then there is discussion of Buddhism that I’m not that excited about but the room is small and the group is small and it is impossible to just actually leave and no one else does and what else do I have to do and one day there might be cake.    Then I need to come home and comment on the Mormon blog, perhaps shower, stretch, read, look at the phone and shout ‘RING’.  Stretch some more.  Look at my teeth.  Watch ‘The Talk.’   Do a little reading for my course (although I am well ahead).  Check to see if I’ve gotten any mail (The New Yorker!).  Nap.  Take a Tylenol if I have a headache.

Tuesday evening at my local 15 minute walk away library there is an author coming to speak!  At my local library and not way far away at the downtown one!  Never heard of this writer (it’s her first book so I think that may be why she is consigned to a smaller library for her reading) but it is a reading at my within walking distance library so I shall go.

Oh, I spent two hours looking at youtube clips the other evening of people with early onset Alzheimers.  you can see why I might just need a hobby.

I shall blog more but not much of anything is happening in my brain or in my life so not sure what I have to say.  But I must and I will!