oh here I am after almost a month!

No excuses really.


Hmmm, seems wordpress is demanding some kind of upgrade and that upgrade costs $.  Hmmm.

Anyway, a quick update.  I finished my teaching gig at the icky school on October 26th.  PHEW.  I shall leave it at that but really, PHEW.

Of course this means I’m unemployed again and that is not phew at all.  I’m bored, unstructured and broke.  No more EI so I’m living off of my savings.  Eeek, is all I can say to that.

I’ve done a tiny bit of subbing up at UBC but that isn’t often and not regular.  So there you go.  Nothing much happening out in the work world and it’s November and raining and cold.  Oy.

I did decide to start my distance ed. Masters in TESOL and have decided to take one course at a time.  The class, such as it distance is, officially started today.  There will be discussion forums, an essay and a test as evaluation.  Eeek.  I like learning though so it is good.  If I keep doing it one course at a time, it will take about 2.5 years so I’ll see.  Financially and intellectually, one course at a time is good for now.  Will any of it help me actually get a job?  That is unknown really.  So, uh, yeah, that is where I am at.  Unstructured and broke but taking a distance ed course.  Not all bad.  EI come back!  Not too happy living off of my (dwindling) savings.

I’ve been attempting to keep up the exercise in order to somewhat counteract my major bouts of lying about.  Went to the gym today for a little stationary cycling and then stretching.  Wowza the little community centre gym was hopping with people not working due to the Remembrance Day holiday.  Then I went to Michelle’s and lost a little Scrabble and Backgammon.

It is actually supposed to be sunny on Wednesday and Thursday.  yeehaw!

What else?  Oh geez, I’m still commenting on the Mormon blog!    Hey, I’ve gotta do something on these long days.  No, no, I don’t want to become Mormon.  Rather, I want to debate with the Mormons because of a) my fascination with cults b) I’m bored c)I get to feel intellectually superior (having written that, I am aware that there are intellectual Mormons, just not on the site I am commenting on. d)I’m bored x 2 e) I forget f) it gives my jaw a work out dropping so much at some of the comments g) I’m not that nice a person really and so there’s that.  h) weirdness i) how dare I j) if I can’t beat Michelle at Scrabble or Backgammon, I need to feel smarter somewhere k) cause l) oh my gosh I need a job and structure m) if Mormon missionaries ever approach me, I can just say, ‘go see my comments on the Mormon blog I am obsessively commenting on and then you will never darken my door again n) I hear Utah is really beautiful with the Badlands and all o) I’m bored x 3  p) etc.

Hmmm, what’s up for tomorrow?  Well, I shall continue to apply for jobs that don’t exist.  There’s a little mindfulness meditation at 11:30 for 1.5 hours (the actual meditation is about 45 minutes.  Then there is discussion of Buddhism that I’m not that excited about but the room is small and the group is small and it is impossible to just actually leave and no one else does and what else do I have to do and one day there might be cake.    Then I need to come home and comment on the Mormon blog, perhaps shower, stretch, read, look at the phone and shout ‘RING’.  Stretch some more.  Look at my teeth.  Watch ‘The Talk.’   Do a little reading for my course (although I am well ahead).  Check to see if I’ve gotten any mail (The New Yorker!).  Nap.  Take a Tylenol if I have a headache.

Tuesday evening at my local 15 minute walk away library there is an author coming to speak!  At my local library and not way far away at the downtown one!  Never heard of this writer (it’s her first book so I think that may be why she is consigned to a smaller library for her reading) but it is a reading at my within walking distance library so I shall go.

Oh, I spent two hours looking at youtube clips the other evening of people with early onset Alzheimers.  you can see why I might just need a hobby.

I shall blog more but not much of anything is happening in my brain or in my life so not sure what I have to say.  But I must and I will!

2 thoughts on “oh here I am after almost a month!

  1. Busy day! I love The Talk. We haven’t watched it for quite some time. We’re hooked on the first season of Revenge right now. That’s been taking up our whole hour a day of TV we watch!

    You post on a mormon blog?? 😉

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