unemployed, you say

Hi, I’m still unemployed!  And living off of my savings!  So that’s all kinds of fun.  HA.

Ha, I say, ha.

Soon, I shall have to live in a fridge box on the street.  Equally fun.

Anyway, taking advantage of the unemployed time – went for the – wait for it – mammogram.  The screening mammogram. I had my first one a few years ago.  All I really remember is the German technician shouting at me, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO BREATHE!”  Eeek.

This one was at BC Women’s Hospital.  Seems I got my time wrong and was there two hours early. After a bit of a standoff with the receptionist, they took me in after about half an hour.  FIrst, you go from the waiting room to a tiny tiny cubicle that is beside other tiny tiny cubicles.  But it did seem somewhat streamlined.

This time I had a wee middle-aged Chinese woman as the technician.  She had dyed part of her hair pink.    The squisher machine isn’t as forceful now so that was somewhat better.  This poor woman just sees all kinds of breasts all day.  I guess you get used to it and she would be kept abreast I guess of any – well I don’t know but I just wanted to try and make a wee pun.

At one point in the contortionist act, she noted to me, ‘you are shaking.’

“Yes,” I said, “I always shake.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Probably doesn’t matter,” I said.

After four X-rays we were all done and unlike last time, I didn’t have to wait to see if she needed to re-do them – she can tell right away.  They let you and your doctor know in a week if you are dying or not, so that’s good.

It was my exciting outing for the day!  Now I’m at Glenda’s and she is in the other room writing a novel or some such and I am on her laptop in the living room with the dog.  This is somewhat better than being in my house alone with no Glenda and no dog.

Tomorrow and Thursday I sub for a whopping 2 hours a day at UBC.  And tomorrow evening is my final class of teaching the Business Writing class at Langara.  Kinda glad to be done.  There will be another class starting Jan. 30 but they may or may not have students and that is a LONG way away.  I enjoyed the 7 students in the business writing class – very high level and great questions, etc.  Although I’ve found it hard to rev. up after hours (days!) of doing nothing and maybe wasn’t always at my teaching best.  Uh well.

I’m thinking I won’t find a job until at least March, if then.  Yowza!

My one course for my Masters is going along I think.  I’m starting to think about the essay and the take home test and etc.  Eeeek!

Woman in my life, go get a screening mammogram so that you can know ahead of time if you are dying or not. Kindly.

2 thoughts on “unemployed, you say

  1. I had my mammogram last week. I am now over 50 so part of Ontarios screening program. So I got my results in the mail 3 days later, thankfully all was well and I go back in 2 years.

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