hmmm – a more depressing post but that is job searching, people

Wow, a month today I finished up my short-term contract at that icky school.  Ick.

Of course this means that I haven’t worked, yet again, in A MONTH.  Of course, if I knew when this would end,  it wouldn’t be so difficult.  But of course I don’t.  I subbed for 4 hours at UBC last week which is nice but it doesn’t pay the bills at all.  I’m on some other sub lists as well but no bites.

I’ve applied for some jobs – no bites.

Of course, it is a difficult time of year – winter and ESL teaching don’t always go together.  Sigh.  And as I say, I have had to in earnest start living off of my savings – and wow they go so fast.  I imagine one day soonish I’ll have no savings and no job.  Yikes.

Vancouver is a difficult town.  I might have a couple of months of work at UBC starting in Feb. – 8 weeks of work to be exact – but that is short term.  I can only work in the short term programs up there and they don’t always need ‘outside’ people and short programs only run Feb.-March and July-August.  So even if they needed me for all of them, it is only less than 4 months of work!  The longer programs – Intensive English Program (IEP), that is the ‘meat’ of it all.  They don’t need me and when they need folks, the go with the already mastered.  Sigh.

I realize I’ve written most of this before, I’m just trying to work it all out I guess in my own brain.  Am I wasting my time trying to (slowly) do a Masters?  I don’t know.  Aaargh Vancouver and its expensive housing, food, etc and its competition for  every tiny job.  And yet, I love Vancouver and don’t really want to leave!

Yeah, so way too much tiime laying about, alone.  I mean I study for my course (must try and start the essay soon even though I don’t thoroughly understand the topic!), try to exercise (today, a bike ride to the pool then a swim I think), go to my writers’ group, go to mindfulness meditation, etc but still, it’s generally me with me and me and me.  Uh, sigh.

On a positive note, it is sunny again today so that’s very nice and helpful.  Really it is – way better than the grey skies!

Depressing post, over and out.

10 thoughts on “hmmm – a more depressing post but that is job searching, people

  1. It’s not depressing, jut reality. I hated the periods of job hunting. Blah. Too bad you can’t find an online job. I love working from home!

    1. I think it’s depressing, because I don’t have as much contact with people any more, I don’t feel needed, and it’s been hard to find a reason to wake up in the morning. I recently got hooked into a job search group, where we commit to meet dressed for work each morning, and ready with a plan as to who we will contact that day as part of our effort to network our way into a job. Then the next day we report on what we actually did versus our plan. It definitely helps with the depression, at least until the meeting’s over.

      1. Exactly, Arlo. It is the contact with other people that I definitely need and miss. I live alone so that makes it even more isolating. Good for you for joining a job search group – I’ve thought about doing a short one for just the reason you are talking about – to have a reason to get dressed and get up. It’s just the economy is so bad I don’t actually expect the group to be that much help!
        I’m looking for English as a Second language teaching work – can I ask what you are looking for?

  2. Karen, I am looking for a position with a mining company or a company in other heavy industries that needs a quality project manager and seasoned structural engineer. I have 6 years of experience as a project manager for projects worth up to $1.3 million in engineering fees, and $12 million in construction costs. I also have 12 years of experience as a structural engineer. My desire is to remain in Salt Lake City.

  3. Karen, you can contact me directly via email. There is a link on my blog that allows you to email me directly. I’d love to chat via phone or email to possibly put you in touch with people that might have contacts in Vancouver.

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