So much time, so little to write. Waaah.

It’s my unemployment and I’ll cry if I want to.

I AM STILL UNEMPLOYED.  Sheesh, who’d a thunk that?  Well, it is winter and almost Christmas and blah blah.  I think I’d best (I’d best? who writes like that) be prepared to not hear anything about anything until sometime in the New Year.

Oh boy, oh boy.  If I knew when this would end, then I’d enjoy this unstructured, isolated, everybody else on earth is busy but me time much more.

Yesterday at my wee church two people were chatting during the tea and snacks! time.  There was just too much Christmas stuff going on, they told each other.  Just too much stuff even if it was good.  Overwhelming, they agreed.

I looked at them and thought, ‘tomorrow my plan is to trim my toenails.’

Well, I shouldn’t say that totally.  I did go to a pay what you can!  Handel’s Messiah last night – just the Christmas part plus the Hallelujah chorus so it was just over an hour.  That was nice.   I sat beside G., an 83-year-old gay man who sometimes comes to my wee church.

“A man I met on the internet is coming from Brazil to spend Christmas with me up here,” he told me.

“How old is this guy?” I asked.


“He likes old men,” I said.

“Some do,” he said.

Actually when I found out a few years ago how old George was, I was shocked. He seems late 60-ish at most.

George finds it much easier to find men than I do.  Last night  he had brought a friend.  The friend looked to be about 70.

“He’s straight,” he said by way of introducing us, “and Karen needs a boyfriend”

“I didn’t know you knew any straight men, George,,” I replied.  A love connection was not made but the music and the singing was amazing.

And tonight is my wee writers’ group wee Christmas party.  Then we won’t meet again till the New Year.  This seems to work well for everyone else who are all busy being overwhelmed with the positive Christmas things coming at them.

Nothing says, ‘hey you are in your late 40s and you have no family,’ like Christmas does.

My wee church’s minister gave me a bit of a financial gift on behalf of the church, due to my unemployment.  I was so surprised that I burst into tears.  “Waaaah, sniffle, sob, sniffle.” I went to the washroom and came back and thanked her and sniffled some more.

“This is what the church SHOULD be doing,” my friend Tracy said when I called her, sniffling and snortling. “Don’t feel bad,” she said.

“I am a charity case,” I snortled.

Today she is popping by any minute to give me some Irish stew that she made.  Nice.

Oh and Christmas presents of all Christmas presents!  The cultish Mormon blog is spawning baby blogs!  That’s right!  Gay men living straight lives and denying that it is a problem and their straight wives denying that it is a problem are setting up their own blogs!  That is Christmas, Easter, my birthday and swimming in Kitsilano pool in the summer all in one!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, worry not, I won’t mock the baby blogs in their comments section.  But I will read the blogs like I’ve never read a blog before.  I want to make up a tune: “The cultish Mormon blog is spawning other blogs,”  – that will be the chorus.  Or maybe it could be a rap. Or maybe Justin Bieber could sing it! 

Uh well, what are you going to do.  Seriously, what are you going to do.  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO.

Oh Tracy has just reorganized my wee freezer so there would be room for the Irish stew and chicken soup she just gave me!

I have nice friends, yes?  I mean they don’t entertain me as much as they should but they haven’t completed training yet.

My online Masters course is going okay – I’ve started to write the essay that is worth 30% of the mark.  Eeek. A test is worth 40% and a reflective journal based on the discussion forums is the final 30%, eeek.


10 thoughts on “So much time, so little to write. Waaah.

  1. If you didn’t have so much time on your hands I would be so very bored not to be entertained by the ramblings of a mad woman. 😉

    Seriously, though, for your own mental health, are they hiring anywhere near you as a waitress, grocery clerk, librarian…anything? If only to get you out of the house for a bit and get some pocket money!

    What are your Christmas plans?

    1. hey. i’d LOVE to work in a library but it turns out they only hire young en’s to shelve books (quite strenueous they say) and other than that, you need a Masters in Library Science.
      In the New Year if nothing opens up, I’ll consider the retail option, although January is the worst time for that!
      For Christmas I’m going to my friend Tracy’s on Xmas Eve and to another friend’s on Christmas Day so that’s good.
      Kindly for asking!

  2. Tammy is unintentionally hilarious. Like serving tables doesn’t require specialized skills. I know too many career servers who would love to do violent things to people who think it’s just something anyone can do.

    And the library comment is also hilarious. Two years of grad school MIGHT get you a librarian job, if you are very lucky. Pocket money? VPL librarians start at over $30/hr, and positions for people still in (library) school start at over $23/hr.

    Just run out and get a job, Karen. It’s SO easy. Librarians and waitresses are so cute and quaint with their little “careers”. (Read that with dripping sarcasm.) I’m speaking as someone with 6 years of university education, 20 years of experience working at jobs like what Tammy recommends (even the librarian part!) who can’t even land a minimum wage cashier job at London Drugs. I think someone actually has to be unemployed to understand how horrible it is out there, because comments like Tammy’s are a dime a dozen.

    1. Holy crap! $30/hr to work in a library?? Nice! We obviously live in different areas because you can get a job here at a library (restocking books, etc), get trained bussing and/or serving at restaurants and clerking at retail stores. So, it’s not ignorance on my end but rather geographic differences in economy and/or opportunities.

      But, hey, I love being considered hilarious whether intentional or not!

      1. Where is this magical place where shelving jobs and restaurant and retail jobs are handed out like candy?

        You did say “librarian”. The people who shelve books are not librarians. Unless it is a very small town and the librarian has to do it all, in which case I apologize for picking on you for assuming it is easy to get a job as a librarian.

  3. Alrighty, I’m sensing a little tension here. Intriguing, because it is normally me who is commenting on say Mormon blogs and happily causing tension! Carrie, Tammy is a friend of mine who is offering suggestions – and she’s right – I need to get out and be around people. She lives in the States and while I know the economy is not in a great state there either, I suspect that certain jobs are easier to get than they are here. I hear your frustration though – and I’m with you. Vancouver is not the place to find a job. I did have a job interview today in Richmond but they wanted someone to work 24/7 basically for i’m pretty sure next to no money. and it was all vague and weird. ick. But i manage to get some cocktail buns from Aberdeen Mall. Score.

    1. As Karen can attest, I live in a magical wonderland where everyone wears rose colored glasses, unicorns shoot rainbows from their butts and no one has to work because all things are provided to them. It’s a place where no one is bitter, no one hates who you are in love with, what you wear or how many tattoos you have.

      Yes, it’s a magical place…and No, it’s not Colorado. Join me!

    2. It was the list and the “…..anything?” that got my hackles up. The implication being that those jobs don’t require a specific skill set and are super easy to get. I know it was meant as a kindly suggestion. And the general public has no idea what it is that librarians do.

      Where ever you are living Tammy, librarians should be getting paid as much as the ones here in Vancouver (and Burnaby, and New Westminster, and Richmond, and West Van, and North Van….). $30/hr for a public librarian is standard across Canada, not just the most expensive city in Canada. The Edmonton Public Library recently advertised a position starting at $33/hr.

      Carry on, ladies, with your magical unicorn rainbow farts and whatnot! Though neither one of you actually answered my question about where Tammy is living where jobs are so plentiful. Or perhaps it is her perception that jobs are plentiful in her area? I think it’s hard to tell unless you are actually looking.

      1. I apologize if I got your hackles up – I was just pulling stuff out of the air. Could have said circus clown, mime, prostitute, whatever. (Not that they are anything like librarians…mostly…unless you’re watching porn…then they are a little like that.)

        Yup – I’m librarian-iliterate. Have no idea what they do, how they get there, how much they make, if they wear special underwear, etc, etc. All I know is I had a crush on my school librarian when I was in 3rd grade and that my wife likes books and is hot. 😀

        I don’t like to give out my actual residence in this country because then everyone would want to move here, take all of the available jobs, ride my magic unicorn and want to become my best friend and that’s just too much pressure.

      2. Carrie, Tammy lives in the U.S. And true, when someone is not looking for work it can be hard to know just what jobs are out there. I get that it is really tough to be unemployed – I am there! At the same time, Tammy means no harm and is nice to me and brightens my days sometimes. She’s had her share of tough times too and gets it. Phew.

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