When 4 weeks feels like a job

hmmm.  Well, I may have four weeks of work at UBC in February.  At first I was very excited because I was hoping that this would lead to 4 further weeks in March, when there is another short program.  But it seems like not – it will be, if anything, just 4 weeks in February.  I’ll find out about Feb. for sure in January.

La la.

UBC only has about 4 months of short programs a year – last year I lucked out and got to work all of them.  This year, with student numbers down, I’ll be lucky to get the 4 weeks in Feb.  UBC’s ELI has to ensure work for its seniority teachers first and I am just casual.  My ever becoming a seniority teacher is looking less and less possible, unfortunately.  But who knows, things could turn around in a few years.


I’m less excited about it all now I must say.

What I would really like is a secure, permanent part-time well paid teaching gig so that I could supplement UBC on to it when UBC shows up.  And I could be working on my Masters at the same time.  A lovely idea.  Not happening at this point.

aaargh.  Aaargh.  Verklempt feeling.  aaargh.  crazy world.

Tonight at my writers’s group sort of Christmas party, some people were talking about the price of their homes and blah blah.  And I’m sitting there, enjoying my piece of raisin pie, thinking, gee, I hope I can afford my rent for the next few months.  So that was weird.  But it’s good for me to know the wealthier and the poorer than me I guess.  It’s just weird that I am in such a different place than anyone in my writers” group or most people my age actually.  Hmmm.

Hmmmm.  Although I’ve never really been that concerned about owning a home or material stuff (other than my book/magazine obsession!).  But I  probably should be- heck, I need to retire in 19 years!

This rather depressing blog post has been brought to you by – ‘hey, I’m up past 10 pm!’



One thought on “When 4 weeks feels like a job

  1. You got me and Joanne hooked on Sister Wives now. We’re on the 6th episode of season one. Thanks a lot … that’s all I needed!

    Have you watched parenthood?

    (Like my distraction techniques? See what a good friend I am?)

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