A Karen with unstructured time: an example

12 Dec

1.  Slept somewhat poorly so didn’t roll out of bed until 11:45 a.m.  I wasn’t sleeping that whole time, mainly reading and trying to sleep.

2. Eat toast, an egg and a soy shake (banana, soy milk, frozen berries).  This is very detailed and there is no particular reason for it.

3.  Sign up on Meetup.com to go to the award winning documentary, “The World Before Her” with an international film meet up group that I haven’t met up with before.  Vaguely dread but also feel eager to meet people new to me.  Buy ticket (cheaper on Tuesdays!) online.

4.  Surf the internet for way too long – e-mail, Facebook, Lainey’s Entertainment Gossip, The Guardian, the blog of the young paralyzed woman, the Mormon blog comments. Make a few Mormon blog comments and find myself still stunned at the rationalizations of  its extremely racist Mormon past.  “He did not say that! (of a Mormon leader who did too say that) “Well, it wasn’t official doctrine so it is okay that he said that!”  “I won’t talk about this anymore.”    This is all exciting unnecessarily my frontal lobe.  Hmmm.  Seriously, ain’t no one can rationalize like a Mormon (er except perhaps for JW’s and Scientologists).

5.  Spend a little while working on the terrifying academic essay for my course.

6.  Call pal Tracy and tell her that her asthma is really acting up and making her sound terrible and like she can’t breathe.  “That’s because I can’t breathe,” she says.

7.  Work on essay a bit more or try to.

8.  Look in the mirror at my double and aging chin.  Pluck a few chin hairs.

9.  Watch the Waltons while surfing the Net.

10.  Look on the Net for any upcoming ESL teaching positions that wouldn’t make me want to pull my hair out of my head.

11.  Check to see if the $200 textbook I accidentally spilled my water bottle on is drying at all after a week.  Not really.

12.  start to feel physically quite antsy.  Do some stretching.  Don’t want to go outside because it is pouring and cold and I’ll be walking to the movie theatre later.

13.  check to see if I have any mail.

14.  Watch Ricki Lake – transgendered children.  Watch a bit of Katie Couric interviewing Jane Fonda and get bored because Jane, you’ve talked about your father 800 times before.

15.  Work a bit more on the essay.

16.  take a shower and a short bath.

17.  surf internet

18. vacuum a bit

19. feel antsy

20.  text a few people.  set up a hanging out situation for Friday.

21.  Think about meatloaf.

This is repeated several days a week although I do try and add exercise in there more often than not.  Doing nothing for the aging double chin though.




2 Responses to “A Karen with unstructured time: an example”

  1. Tammy December 12, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    #21 is my favorite! Though I am curious why you think about that particular singer…

  2. jobsearchinginvancouver December 12, 2012 at 5:19 am #

    I’ve always enjoyed the singer but am surprised he has never toppled over with a heart attack or maybe he has and I don’t know it!

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