An excellent documentary

I saw this excellent film last night –   It follows the lives of girls in India.  Some are being trained for the Miss India beauty pageant and some are being trained for the militant fundamentalist movement.  But that brief description dosn’t begin to describe how incredibly poignant it is and so so sad.   Fascinating.

Hmmm, seems like another cloudy day in Vancouver today.  There is talk of sunny breaks this afternoon but then it is supposed to be dark and rainy for the next week I think.  Hmmm.  Hmmm indeed!  Oh, the Vancouver winter.  And isn’t the shortest day of the year coming up?

I’ve decided that I really do need to start volunteering somewhere – but it needs to be somewhere that isn’t tying me down to certain days as I need to always be available to sub, athough the subbing has really not been happening but  you never know, you know.  I’d like it to be somewhere I can basically drop into on certain days – that would be ideal.  Any ideas appreciated (er, realistic ones).

What else?  Not much.  Not much. And finally,  not much.

So just a super short blog entry – go  watch The World Before Her if you can.

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