Turn that frown upside down or sideways or I don’t know, Anderson Cooper is so cute is he not?

13 Dec

Wow.  Seems Anderson’s daytime show has been cancelled but it is going to keep filming/airing until next August.  That seems odd.  It’s like they’ve told Anderson, look,  your show is cancelled but you’ve got to keep working at it for another 8 or 9 months.  Hmmm.  Will he get E.I.?  Nah, he’s got other work and his mom is that Vanderbilt woman.

Speaking of Andersons, this cute sincere young man from Brazil (although is accent doesn’t sound typically Brazilian nor does he look Brazilian, so, you know,, confusing) has started coming to my wee wee wee church of mainly old people.  He is so sweet and sincere.  He wears a tie to church most weeks and is so sweet that I just love him.  His husband is apparently Jewish and German I think.  I haven’t met him so maybe I made that German part up in my head.  Why would I do that?  No, i think he is German.  I like Anderson – it makes me happy happy to see him at our wee wee wee church.  Very wee my wee church.

“We haven’t figured out how in this century to have a sense of community yet without something like a church,” noted my friend, H.

True, I said. Well, the army is apparently promotes quite the lovely feeling of belonging but you also have to kill people so that’s not so great.

Hmmm.  The part-time Saturday teaching job I’d applied for – I didn’t even get an interview!  And I am uber qualified!  AAARGH.  This Vancouver job market is crazy, as I keep saying over and over and over.

I need to turn my frown upside down.  I always remember and love this thing that the shrink on the TV show MASH said about the character of Hawkeye (does anyone else remember MASH, I am really dating myself here!): “Anger turned inward is depression.  Anger turned sideways, is Hawkeye.”  Awesomeness, AWESOMENESS.  It is hard not to be even more self-focussed because of all the time I spend alone.  Today I worked a bit on my essay and then rode my bike in the cold up some (and then down some) punishing hills.  I hadn’t felt like it but I did it.  Because too much sitting around without a break  = uh oh.

Why am I bothering to pursue a Masters in TESOL in this job climate?!!!!!!!  Sorry, that just slipped out.  H. suggested I find an exciting place like Thailand to teach in the winter and live in Vancouver during the spring and summer months, where there may actually be work.  I really don’t have a desire to do that – and I’m not allowed to sublet my place and I don’t want to lose it – but you  never know.  not this winter anyway but maybe next winter if the straits are still so dire.  The good thing is,my Masters courses are entirely online and I can do them from anywhere.  But, I’m a homebody really, even more so the last while so it’s hard to know just what to do.

Bored coma.


One Response to “Turn that frown upside down or sideways or I don’t know, Anderson Cooper is so cute is he not?”

  1. Tammy December 14, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    I love MASH! Alan alda is my favorite! And smiling…smiling’s my favorite! (best quote ever from Elf!)

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