a few odds and ends

and oddness.

First, of all, I shall promote my own youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/middlemarie

After much encouragement from my writing group, I’ve decided to record some of my short stories.  Wait!  I can hear you starting to snore.  Nyet, say I, is it not like that!  Nada, nein, non and etc.  Anyway, I have recorded the first story in three parts.  The story is called ‘Squeeze’ and it is the first story in a whole series that I call, “The Georgia Chronicles.” Fiction but of course, any resemblance to me is, well, there, but it is not me!!!!!  Georgia is a mixture of, well, me, my imagination and someone I used to know.  She is in her late 50s in this first story and ages out appropriately from there.  I have, I don’t know, 30? or so Georgia stories and she evolves quite a bit but remains rather hapless with craziness always seeming to happen around her while her own life remains rather tedious.  So, hopefully, enjoy.

What else?  Oh I have FINALLY stopped commenting (but not stopped reading) the dang Mormon blog.  Have I mentioned this all ready?  It was all just becoming too depressing.  I mean seriously, there is this underlying encouragement on the blog (and the baby blogs) for gay Mormon men (often desperate young men, terrified that they are gay in a church that says neigh to the gay) to marry straight women.  They go all shucks and try to deny this but the message is there, loud and clear.  And no one seems to care what effect this will have on the straight women.  YUCK.  It’s kinda gross and misogynistic.  Did I spell that right?    Yikes, say I, yikes.

Oh!  Saw M. today who is in from Ottawa visiting her parents.  We had a nice lunch and chatted and such.  I had social contact today!

Watch my youtube stuff if you will.  And watch out for the Mormon missionaries, they are everywhere!

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