without my wee fan base, it’s more like a journal

11 Feb

And maybe that’s okay.

Nah – writers generally want readers I think.

Being able to see reader stats on this blog is but of course a blessing and a curse.

“No visitors in 649 days!”  I think my high of all time was 110 views on some random January day a couple of years ago.

The goal perhaps is to go viral – that’s what happened to the gay Mormon man who is married to a woman – he came out a couple of years ago and whammo!  Viral!  And before he knew it he was on Nightline gingerly stepping around the fact that he feels that God feels that gay relationships are icky and wrong.  He’s since tried to go back to more laidback, funny posts but the commenters seem to keep trying to drag him back into the gay ring.  And he recently got cyberbullied on Facebook!  Let this be a lesson that gong viral can have painful consequences.

It’s been a long weekend here in B.C. – ‘Family Day’ was instituted a couple of years back to give a holiday in between Christmas and Easter.  Long weekends are both a blessing and a curse for me, that’s for sure.  Nice to have paid time off and yet all of that unstructured time.  Ugh.

According to the hospice counsellor (who I vaguely worship but that will fade in time to more appropriate levels) suggests that I have complicated grief due to my pre-existing anxiety and blah blah.

“Be kind to yourself,” she tells me.

“You are saying what?” I ask.

Right after mom died, I was so consumed with the whole thing that my pre-existing levels kind of got nicely overshadowed.  Now – I don’t know, it’s all back and more.



and finally on that topic, oy.

I’m now in the sixth of ten weeks of my creative non-fiction online writing class and I’m enjoying it.  The instructor is very good and really knows his stuff and so his critiquing is very helpful.  He tends to get very behind – two weeks at this point – on his critiquing unfortunately.  Nonetheless, it is a very good course.

This week, the lecture (written) was on the difference between memoir and therapy.  Basically writing can be used as therapy but if it is going to be CNF, then it has to be polished and actually well-written.  Good point because otherwise it is just so much navel-gazing.  I read through a few of my posts from a few years ago and yeah, navel-gazey.

Okay, so my new goal is for my blog to go viral. As such, I will have to write about something controversial.  Let’s see:  Tom Cruise is a scientologist!  John Travolta is gay!  The Olympics are in Sochi!  Getting older means you aren’t as young as you were before you got older!  The pope is Catholic!  Stephen Harper!  Endless nattering!  Justin Bieber sucks!  Mormonism is a cult!  There’s no time like the present!

There, my blog shall now go viral.

Oh and I got these magazine zipper up holders from the $2 Japanese store in International Village and what a great purchase that was.  I was able to put some of my magazines I obsessively have neatly under the bed. I must go back for more! Doggone fabulous.

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