green and purple

Do they match?  I’m not sure.

So I had insomnia last night for the first time since I think before mom died.  Amazing really that I went almost two months sleeping pretty darned well.  So I’m a bit of a mess today.  I fell asleep fine but then woke up at 4 am and that was pretty much it.  Ugh.  Insomnia does not help my cheese stay better on my cracker, that is for sure for sure.

and for sure.

I’m hoping it’s a one time thing.  I feel no need to get back into that habit again.

Today has been a lot of on the bus so far with more to come tonight when I make the epic trek to Langara College to teach my class.  Early this morning I had a doctor’s appointment in the middle of somewhere, and then I two bused it back to work where I stayed longer to make up for the lost hours.  Fascinating.

There seems to be more action at the church in the afternoons so they might want to change my hours up a bit.

Speaking of which, I have the opportunity again to teach at UBC for three weeks in August but and alas, that is a busy time at the church and they may well not let me do it.  Eeek.  I need it financially and also I love those three weeks and the students, etc.  So we’ll see.  I’d rather do that than take actual holidays – this way I’d have the chance to make money and also to keep my teaching skills in tact somewhat.  UBC pays so well that those three weeks would help me to earn enough overall in the year to (just) survive.

They are going to let me know but they seem to be leaning against my doing it. They’d only have to pay me for two weeks of it, dang it.  Hmmm.

Time will tell.

Eeek, my insomniaed brain is not firing on all of its usual cylinders.  Teaching will be a challenge tonight although I enjoy the students a whole lot. 

Vancouver’s weather is rather icky – lots of low cloud and rain and cold.  It’s almost like winter. Spring needs to get its butt over here.  I hear tell it is even snowing in Virginia.

Just so you feel that reading this blog today was worth it, here’s a great website with great creative non fiction writing:

I think I need to try and start another book club.  Last time it involved strangers who only wanted to read Janet Evanovich and also to tell the group why their lives were awful.  They wanted to do that and cry and sob and it wasn’t even me being socially inappropriate!  I mean I’ll read anything in a book club but the crying and sobbing and carrying on didn’t seem to fit into the model of it I had in mind.  Also, people had a hard time committing to an actual time.  And being Vancouver, people wanted to see how many other people were coming first.  Meh.  Meh.

I’m trying to build up my lacking social life.  I have great friends who would (and have) totally sit with me in the ER and a few of them even let me call them sobbing about my newly passed mom.  But they are busy with their, well, social lives. Fair enough but alas, I’m feeling quite socially isolated.  I want to start and fix this problem so that I have less time to sit around and obsess about this problem. 

In other news, the Olympics are of course on.  Skiing is an interesting one to watch, especially when they are flying up into the air and turning around and upside down and cooking a meal in the air and shooting a gun in the air and changing quickly into their swimsuits and swimming down the ski slope.  That’s kinda cool.  I also like the event where they build ice sculptures and the one that looks the most like Erik Estrada wins the gold.  Go Canada!


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