Cycling shape I am out of

18 Feb

Goodness lordy in his Mormon heaven, I am out of cycling shape.  I took my bike up to the bike shop for air and  I couldn’t do the really steep hills;  no I could not.

Just a brief pause here:  when do you use a semi-colon I ask.  I know the answer but it’s like a little quiz.  That question could indeed cause my blog to go viral.

Speaking of viruses, many folks seem to be getting sick with the dreaded stomach flu.

The bike shop is great – they for free fixed up a few things that were apparently so dangerous I could have died.  Good job, bike shop.

Hmmm, the futon frame is kind of broken again.  Well, nothing lasts forever.  It still looks better though and people can sit on it but not like a hundred people that would be too much for it.  Gack.  Frustrating, I plunked down on it and out of place it went again, even with the bungee cords holding it in place.  As such, the art books are back under it again.

Oh and the carpet stains that are still there are there for good it seems.  The carpet boys (not baggers) didn’t seem too pleased to schlepp back to tell me this.  Uh well.

Ooooh, oooh, in real excitement, the Glenda had an old bookcase in her garage and we schlepped it up here together and it replaced my other one.  It is very sturdy as they used to make things back in the day.

I’m not sure if I can actually get back into cycling shape or not;  it feels harder this year.  Well that’s because you are one year closer to fifty there, Karen.  Oooh, that hit me where it hurts.  Fifty!  Not yet, not quite yet.

I was grieving quite intensely this weekend, especially Sunday.  I think it is when I have a lot of time alone that it is worse.  In discussing this with C. who has grieved, it seems that grief is so deep that whatever else you got down there so deep that is painful also kinda gets touched.  Very true that.  And I got me a whole lot of pain down there, like many.  But it seems a fact that crying and getting to that level of pain is kinda beneath anger and even anxiety so that is, for all the pain, rather interesting in its way.  Sometimes there is a certain level of calmness in grieving, not always as I was quite anxious in the morning and tried to sit through a service at Canadian Memorial United but finally had to leave due to antsyness and anxiety-ness (not a word, not a word).  Then I went grocery shopping and just kinda hung out in my apartment.  I did have plans but they got cancelled and it was cold and rainy and windy and etc.  So that was that.  I do see how being kind to myself could help this whole process quite a lot.  As could disco dancing but where can you do that anymore and it has to be early evening as I do not stay up late as we know.

Oh, grief.  It’s hard.  I will just say it is hard. 

In other news, it is sunny and mild here today after that horrible wind/rain storm of last night. Phew, a bit of a relief really.

Tomorrow bright and early I have the first of eight zillion performance reviews; this time with all four members of the ministry and personnel committee.  Oh happy days.  I think I am repeating myself on my blog, eeek.  I shall obsess about that for sure.

I was forced to listen to the Olympics this morning as CBC Radio was broadcasting women’s hockey – I believe Canada ended up with silver.  They’d be commentating all calmly and then suddenly, ”she scores!” and I’d jump out of my church worker seat.  Couldn’t the commentators be like in golf, whispering, “oh look, she has scored.  Nice.” and then there’d be quiet applause.

I should stretch the cycled muscles before they get so tight that I can only walk with the aid of my futon or something.




One Response to “Cycling shape I am out of”

  1. Christine Killen March 2, 2014 at 11:57 pm #

    very enjoyable read, Karen

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