geez, Vancouver School Board

29 Apr

Just watching the noon time news and geez the VSB is planning on cutting sports, counsellors and on and on.  Yikes.  Apparently I shouldn’t go back to school and become a real teacher, not that I really wanted to.

Oh, now the news is talking about how tough it is to meet basic needs in Vancouver – two working parents with two children must earn at least $20/hour each to survive in this city.  Yup.  I earn . . .

Uh well.

Yesterday, was the Explore lunch for, well, Explore instructors.  It was held three weeks early because some of the seniority (blah, blah) teachers are going on holiday until Explore starts.  I shall say I’m on holidays too.

It was nice to see the coordinator Matt again – I worked Explore two years ago and met him then.  He’s young, bilingual and spent all of last year meditating in Paraguay I think.  I have to look up the type of meditation again – he told it to me and I wrote it down.  I must ask H.C. about it next time I see her as she is big on the meditating.


Sorry, bored.  Oh yeah, the lunch.  I get all tangented out very quickly.  Well first we had a two hour meeting and then lunch at this swanky place up at UBC.  No Big Mac!  But there were fries, steak and the like.  It was so filling I didn’t even have the shared dessert.  Very odd of me.  So yeah, after that only four hour work event, I was exhausted!  I didn’t go to my writing group last night. I have become very very wimpy tis true.  Explore:  what doesn’t kill you doesn’t kill you.  Anyway, I have three weeks to prepare as much as I can, although you really can’t until you meet the students, see the whites of their eyes.

Been filled with insomnia again after a whole two nights where it was better.

There is a bee flying in my little abode.

Back to the lunch.  It was nice to BE AROUND PEOPLE AND TO BE RESPECTED FOR MY WORK.  Seriously.

This afternoon I have an appointment with one of the facilitators who well, facilitated, the career planning two day workshop of two weeks ago.  Because I haven’t spoken to anyone all day, I will probably speak even faster than usual.

“So,” I imagine her saying, “Did you get any ideas about what career you could shift into?”

“Other than astrophysicist/chemist, not really.”

“Oh, well, there must be – “

“But I had grilled sirloin at a swanky bistro at UBC yesterday.  I was going for medium well but the swanky waitress was like, no, no, this you want medium.  Okay, I said and she was right.  I mean otherwise it just gets all hard like a rock the steak does. The fries were great too.  I’m teaching for five weeks at UBC and I keep dropping ‘UBC’ because it sounds impressive.”

“Oh, so you have a job then?”

“Right, yes, for five weeks.”





“Will the government fund a trip to England so I can see my friends Dale and Luciano because they make me feel happy happy.”



“Are there donuts?”



“Can I have a yearly bus pass?”

“Yeah, no.”

“A pack of bus tickets?”

“You are saying what?  No.”

“A bus ticket?”


I’ll report back on how accurate I was.

Oh, Karen, your cynicism is exhausting for us.  Seriously, come on now.

Fair enough.  I mean the facilitators are super nice people.



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