She did try and E-Learning

30 Apr

Just a short post as my goodness I got up at 7 am and need a nap.

I never wake up that early without force and/or employment, so this was surprising.  In my e-mail was an urgent! from Luciano, my pal in Brighton, England.  He is an E-Learner content guy he is.  And he’s married to Dale, who I met travelling 11 years ago.  Dale and I met at a particularly raucous hostel in London called the Generator.  I was 10-15 years too old for the raucous nature of it and 24 year old Dale took me under his wing kinda thing.  Geez I got really sick there because I’d been travelling non-stop for eight weeks and was at the end of my trip.  He brought me food and tissues. 

Anyway, Luciano knows that I’m trying to get into E-Learning content writing which unfortunately involves some knowledge of authoring software.  My ability to learn software programs is abysmal but one must not give up just yet.  Seems there was an online introduction to a cutting edge authoring tool and it was happening right when I woke up, late by an hour due to some glitch.  So perfect, there I sat at 8 am listening to a guy in Brighton go over the features.  Then I got myself a free trial.

There’s a job I ACTUALLY HAVE AN INTERVIEW FOR – instructional writer for blah blah provincial government company.  It’s next Friday and it is a two hour bus/skytrain/bus commute each bloody way.  No matter.  My resume indicates I have more experience with say Powerpoint than I actually do so I’m doing a little catching up.  I don’t expect to get the job – they had zillions of time slot choices for the interview – but practice, practice.  I’m amazed I even got an interview – I don’t have technical writing experience at all.  It must have been a combination of a swanky resume and my teaching and writing experience which were all jazzed up on said resume.

At any rate, E-Learning is the wave of now and I want to try and get in on it without having to go to school for 12 years learning technical writing which doesn’t interest me.  Luciano describes contenting E-Learning as ‘tech writing lite.”  Indeed.

Luciano and I are going to Skype on Friday to talk more about all of this.  Thank you, Luce!  If ever you happen to be in Brighton, look  up Dale and Luciano because they are awesome.  Luciano writes dark poetry and such so we get each other.  The middle-aged single woman and they gay mid-30s self-described pretty boy. Go figure randomness.

Like I say, the call for the interview was totally unexpected due to my lack of experience.  I nearly fell off of my futon and such. 

But either way, I’ve got Explore coming up and must start preparing.

Yesterday was a difficult day as can happen (often) – lots of unstructured unstructured again.  By the time I got to the follow up meeting with the career planning facilitator, I was surly and anxious.

She tried but I was presenting a wall I’m sure – although her ideas were all things I had thought of and some that, while sweet, wouldn’t make me a dime – could I make money on a blog, she asked.  Could I teach a creative writing course in a church basement.

She tried; she really did.  I was surlier/anxious-er coming out of that meeting.  She suggested I take their day long (I think) learn how to network workshop.  Yeah, I said, but I’m not sure what I want to do so I’m not sure who to network, well, with.  I guess I could cold call companies and say, hey, I don’t know what I want to do or how I could help your company but please have me in for an informational interview.

Ugh, informational interviews.

Anyway, I’m going to keep looking into E-learning, can’t hurt.  I don’t actually think I am unteachable in regards to learning new software, I just think I’m slow at it and get anxious when I can’t figure it out.  Hmmm. . . .

Tis the update.  I announced my interview to the world on Facebook and elsewhere, that was a bit premature really.  Usually I like to keep these things to myself.  Well, between me and helpful Luciano.

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