Okay, enough with the not working.

I NEED TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is what I’m saying.

Enough of the not working.

I finished the office admin. job on March 15th.  I’ve subbed a bit, but not much in the last month.  I am teaching one evening a week for the next eight weeks or so.  I start teaching Explore at UBC (http://explore2014.frenchcentre.ubc.ca/?page_id=2#english) on Tuesday for five weeks.  On May 31st, I will start teaching three hours on Saturday mornings 14 Chinese Buddhist meditation volunteers, four of whom I’m meeting with late this afternoon right before I teach the other class.  Finding out what they want and so on. 

So yeah, that will be a busy several weeks over the summer. (If you want to feel old and irrelevant have lunch with 10 other Explore instructors who are about 30 years old and have a Masters and have taught in Italy and etc.)  It’s great that I will be busy.  It’s awesome.

And then I won’t be busy again.

It’s crazy this all or nothing.

I know, I know, I am thankful for sure. 

I am just so done with myself and waiting for work to start.

Antsy tis true.

Stressful wondering what the heck I will do next.  Always wondering what I will do next.

Other people just get to go to work and be at work and work and come home and have their home lives and etc.

In other news, summer is really starting to hit in Vancouver.  Gorgeous days and Kits. pool opens this weekend.

In Winnipeg, it is snow-raining.

Uh huh.

I need to work.

Of course, catch me in this space in two weeks and I’ll be saying, I need a break.  Ha.



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