Oh, hello.

Uh, hi.
I have emerged from my bored and unemployed coma (well, this is ostensibly a job searching blog) to attend a meetup writing group where we sit in a coffee shop and write. I was just saying during our brief hellos at the beginning, that I can sit around all day and do nothing and not write and not write and not write.
I need, I think, the presence of others on the earth. Fairly common I am told.
Hmmm, let’s see. I finished Explore on June 20th. It was both awesome and exhausting, because I was also teaching at Langara at the same time.
Week four I got sick – caught from all of the sick students who would go to the washroom and come back with wads and wads of toilet paper to blow their noses. I actually missed two days and went back still pretty ill. And then on the Thursday night I got laryngitis. I haven’t had that in nine years so it was a bit crazy. On the Friday, I taught with the help of the laptop projector but really, sometimes you still have to speak, especially to the lower level students. Turns out whispering is actually worse for your voice, who knew. So I spent the weekend not, well, talking, although of course I’d check out the state of my voice every few minutes. Testing, testing type thing.
By Monday, I’d regained enough voice to teach. Phew. I ended up having to get a sub at Langara so lost out on some money there. Uh well.
I loved Explore because the students were awesome and fun to teach. Really cool Quebecois (and immigrant) young people. One of them celebrated her 21st birthday during Explore. She was born in 1993 holy cow. It seems impossible that people born in the 90s should even know how to walk yet. The students loved the CTV tour I arranged (pat on back) and they spent a good half hour taking each others’ photos at the anchor desk. God bless the lighting because the group photo of all of us at said anchor desk was amazing. The students looked camera ready. I looked happy.
“You looked happy,” noted art therapist G., because of course I sent her the photo.
“Studio lighting,” I said.
“Oh,” she said.
I’m still art therapizing and generally finding it not torturous.
“All my pictures look the same,” I say.
“Again, not an art class,” says G.
So yeah, Explore. Wow I was working like a crazed person those five weeks, here, there and everywhere. Even the 22 year old teachers were exhausted. There was vague crankiness here and there although M., the coordinator, consistently brought in his happy happy. I had my laughter yoga friend do laughter yoga with the students one morning and it turned out to be one of the days I was away so that worked out well.
I feel like I’m being more boring than usual. Bored coma.
So I’ve been out of work again the past couple of weeks, except for finishing off the Wed. evening Langara class and the Saturday morning Bodhi meditation volunteers’ class. There are 14 of them, but it turns out that their guru is in town unexpectedly and so very few of them ever show up. Makes teaching a challenge. I get the next two Saturdays off from them as they are in some big eight day retreat.
“Join us,” they suggested about 27 times.
“Well, I can’t sit still that long,” I said.
I have them do a lot of speeches type thing as they want to improve their presentation skills. One fellow chose the topic of how to do a walking meditation in Bodhi-ism. It was both interesting and bizarre. I’d suggested the week before, when he spoke about how Bodhi meditation had changed his life, that he might want to be more specific or else it would sound like he was in a cult.
“Uh, yes,” he said.
Shockingly, I’m not doing well with being unemployed again. It is the height of summer and ESL season and yet I sit unemployed. Tis how it goes. I do have three weeks at UBC in August so that will be good. That is in 5.5 weeks – I’m on one other sub. list but that has been fairly silent. I’m trying to enjoy the time – Kitsilano pool and bobbing and swimming and reading and not really writing and Netflixing and visiting with people but I think over the last three years of on and off work, I’m just too freaked out. Thank goodness for my bit o savings.
Okay, I’m going to try and be vaguely less self-obsessed here. Bored coma = even more self-obsessed.
M. very kindly took me out to medium tea last week. This is like high tea but earlier in the day. So everything was miniature Рmini scones, mini Cr̬me Brulee, mini taco salad in an edible bowl.
“I love miniature things,” I exclaimed.
“Indeed,” said M.
Oddly, the glass of iced tea I had was really big.
I am often always hungry I notice.
The weather has gotten amazing – which means there are four million people at Kits. pool.
“Where were you in the rainy season!” I shout out, “You are fairweather Kits. people!”
Okay, so I’ll try to blog more regularly – will be good for my bored coma situation I think.
A teaser for next time: I met this week with the pastor from my former evangelical! church. Gack. And on Saturday I’m attending something that is probably vaguely cultish but there will be free vegan snacks and the people are peaceful. If you guess what it is, you win a prize. Not Bodhi. Excitement!