A word or five about soap operas if you will

3 Sep

The sun came out and then the sun went away.

So it’s a cool fall day but Kitsilano pool is still open. Will think about this.  I don’t enjoy swimming outside when it is cold out.  A plus is that there won’t be many people there – too cold and too middle of the work day situation.  Oh work by golly, work.

Starting Monday and for two ‘trial’ weeks I will be teaching part-time at a downtown school.  I don’t want to say too much due to fairly legitimate fears of someone reading this who, say, works there.  You never know.  Suffice to say it is a downtown school and what they want to see is that their students love me.  They have the kind of students who gang up and hate you.  It has no teachers’ union which is a good thing, the 25 year old director of studies told me, because then teachers the students don’t like can be fired easily!  She didn’t say it exactly that way but  y’all get the point.  Anyway, two weeks of a routine!!!!!  Hurrah!  I need me a little routine. As for after?  Who knows, who knows.  What I need to do is keep looking whilst at this little job-ette.  But as we know there are not a lot of jobs out there right now.

“Where do you normally work in the winter?” asked the 25-year-old.  Good question.  This all started three years ago.  In 2011, I was happy to take a bit of time off and hopefully figure things out. Hmmm.  In 2012, I was at the horrifying school briefly – the one where the high school aged students growled at me.  In 2013, I was the church secretary – yup.  And now, I am wandering aimlessly through a thing here or there.  Good question though.  What do I do in the fall and winter and early spring?

Craziness.  If this wee job could last a few months that would be good.  It’s not enough to live on but enough to pay the rent and keep a few wolves at bay.  I’d need another part time job or two which I might be more inspired to do once I am actually working.  Who knows? I’ll report back on that more next week.

On to soap operas.  After my barium meal this morning (yum, yum), I went to two libraries on the North Shore (thank you public transit and the great 255 bus that goes from North Van to West Van).  Got some good books that I’d had on hold at VPL where there are more users and thus a longer wait list.  Hurrah.  Hurrah.  And finally, hurrah.

Schlepped home and put on the TV.  The Talk was a repeat!  Geez, Sara Gilbert.  Channel surfed briefly past Days of our Lives and General Hospital.  Mom loved GH, sniffle.  My thoughts on this are that:  a. soap operas provide work for women over 40, 50 and even 60 and gives them a chance to be divas and sexy and good acting is not a requirement b.  soap operas get a lot of their drama from cattiness between the females.  That is unfortunate.  There’s no sisterhood on soap operas – all catty, all the time.  This still seems to be the recipe to hook its audience though.  The story lines remain ludicrous and the acting over the top.  Some actors eventually make the leap out of soaps (Kevin Bacon, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, etc) but I think if someone is on a soap for a long time, they must have a hard time not overacting in other roles.  Apparently there is a real prejudice against soap actors who try to get nighttime roles.  It’s not fair!  They shout.  Apparently they learn like 80 pages of dialogue a day.

Rumour has been for awhile that soaps are on the decline.  Several have been cancelled in the last few years and actors from those end up popping up on the remaining ones in a kind of constant rotation.

I think a lot about this.  They heyday of the nighttime soap is gone too – remember the good old 70s and 80s of Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty and Knots Landing?  Having said that, Dallas has been resurrected and is said to be doing quite well even though JR and his portrayer are, well, dead.  In the 80s, whilst my sister was out doing wild things, I was at home on a Friday night eating potato chips and watching the Dallas/Falcon Crest marathon.  Saturdays were Love Boat/Fantasy Island.  This is still the case actually, except replaced with Netflix.  That’s like a routine!  Phew, comforting.

Uh, yes, the sun has returned. Phew.  The dark clouds of Vancouver hang low and hang around way too long.  A bit too cool out to go for a swim but I think I will.

Craving meatloaf.  Barium flavoured meatloaf.

My niece is having a bit of a rough adjustment to living away from home – I suggested she colour.  A.T. will be proud when I tell her that.  Sniffle.

One Response to “A word or five about soap operas if you will”

  1. It's me, Janis. September 3, 2014 at 10:30 pm #

    I used to like Knott’s Landing. I suspect that now I’d find it crass and corny.
    I think the acting on Australian and British soaps is much better than on U.S. American ones, actually, it’s first class. You won’t find any duff actors on Corrie or Eastenders.

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