continuation of the bored coma.

6 Sep

Seriously, seriously.


I’m trying, I’m trying.

Sometimes I can get so bored and on my own that things start to feel surreal but perhaps not the fun surreal.

Anyway, talking to people snaps me out of it but it can take awhile, depending on the extent of the bored coma.

Complain, complain, even  I’m tired of complaining!

My hairdresser, god bless him, de-bigged my hair today.  Lots of chlorine damage, said he.  Yeah but just for another week, I said.  Then Kits. Pool closes.

I bobbed a bit just now but it was a bit too cold for that although outside it is hot hot hot.  Renewal of tan and such.

My hairdresser is semi-retired and leaving town until near Christmas.  After that, he’ll be gone till May.  That’s a long stretch of hair bigging that is for sure.  Big and unruly my hair gets.  Kinda grateful though as it is nice and thick.

Come to think of it, my aged father in hospital still has a head of hair.  Mom did too until all of the chemotherapy but at the end some had come back and it was grey, of course.  She had never allowed her hair to go gray before that ; she had it touched coloured every several weeks at the hairdresser.  Like that. Sniffle.

The hairdresser, A. and I had a nice chat, once I was able to emerge from the bored coma.

“Keep moving forward,” he suggested.  Indeed.

I’d cycled up to the hairdresser.  This involves three rather large and punishing hills.  They went past a church that was having a yard sale.  Lovely older folks selling their wares hearing me swear as I got to the top of the hill.

I find that hills on bike don’t get easier.  Mainly I’m happy if I finish them.

“You are in good shape for someone your age,” FBed D, my Australian friend who I haven’t seen in person in almost 25 years.  She is my age and has six kids and works as a nurse in an extended care home.  One of her children has a profound intellectual and physical disability – it’s rare and I can’t recall the name of it.  Her plate if full to overflowing.  The last time I saw D. she had just started dating M, the father of the children and her husband.  Time flies.

After the hair removal,  I headed over to the yard sale where I knew a couple of people.  I chatted their ears off or something.

Biking home is better, downhill.  Woo, etc.  I was past there on Friday I think or Thursday, no matter.  There is a private school there (tis a rich area) and while all of the public schools are on strike, the private school was overflowing with students. And parents, every one of them in an SUV, picking up their kids.  Is the root of all evil rich parents with SUV’s?  I sometimes think so in a hugely judgemental way.  I’m sure if I could afford an SUV, I’d have one.

The strike continues unabated.  Not good, not good.  There is a bit of an information night/rally by my MLA.  I’m going to go.  Kind of like a town hall meeting really.

There is not a cloud in the sky.

Might return to the Vineyard tomorrow, even though it has moved even farther east.  This will involve either a 45 minute bike ride or a 45 minute stop start bus ride. I shall see.  It would help with the bored coma.

Well, Joan Rivers.  I think it’s weird when some people are like, wow, her and Robin Williams must be up in heaven telling jokes.  I don’t think it works that way.  I mean it’s a lovely sentiment but . . . . no.

Joan Rivers could be hysterically funny and also hysterically cruel.  I also recommend watching a documentary made about her a couple of years ago – it really highlights her talent and her insecurity.  Can be watched for free (in Canada) on The Passionate Eye.

I’ll find out in a few weeks if either or both (unlikely) of the two eight week one night a week evening classes I teach at Langara are going to run. No students so far.  If both classes ran, that would be awesome.  Pocket money and all sorts. A vague once a week schedule, that kind of thing.

I’m thinking about books, as per always.  I’d lke to say again that K.D. Miller’s ‘All Saints’ book of short stories is really great.  At the library I’m sure.

At the yard sale, I picked up (for $2) the Oxford  History of Art’s “Imperial Rome and Christian Triumph.”  I got it for the pictures of ancient sculptures and such.It is quite remarkable.  For the same reason I picked up a book on the Haggia Sophia in Istanbul.  I’ve been there but didn’t really know what was what or who was who or when was when.  It is a remarkable building.  I envision doing some sort of a collage with the pictures from these books.  Once I learn, well, how to do that.  I remember going to Aya Sophia with the lovely M., who’d seen it a zillion times before.  I find it all fascinating, would love to take like a history of this kind of art or something.

I’m often hungry in the bored coma.

Carry on, wee fan base.


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