Overcycling to relieve bored coma: doctors unsure of its veracity


Or something like that.  I cycled to North Vancouver today in part to hang out with Ma. and her almost five year old daughter.  The three year old daughter was in pre-school.  Ma. phone was on – if 3 year old pooped in her diaper, Ma. had to go and change that thing.

Fair enough I guess.

It is a ride and a half there – lots of hills to the bridge on the causeway and then on the bridge and in North Van.  North Van. is really like one big hill.

Ma. and her daughter and I had a small amount of lunch.  While Ma. was paying,  I looked at her shy little girl.

“What is your favourite colour to colour with?” I asked her.

“Pink,” said she.

“Nice one.  I like green.”

“Yeah, ” she said.

“Is there any colour that you don’t like?”

She thought for a minute or two.

“I don’t like the one that doesn’t work,” said she.

“I totally get that.  Isn’t it cool when you put two colours together and they become a different colour?”

“Yeah,” she said, “You can do that with pink too.”

“You can?” I said, “I did not know that.  Colouring is awesome I think.”


That was sweet.

Ma. felt that the after lunch mints were off.

“Something wrong here,” she said.

“Yes,” I said.

Five years ago when Ma. was pregnant, we were in Istanbul together. We stopped for apple tea at a restaurant.  I didn’t have any.

“I think this apple tea has been poisoned,” whispered Ma.

“Ha,” I said.

“No, really.”  She threw it into the bush.

“Really?” I said.

“Can’t be too safe.”

We attributed that to hormones.

“Ma. I am usually the irrational one,” I said.

“Hey, I have anxiety too,” Ma. said.

No more apple tea.

After hanging out, I decided to go back over the bridge.  This is not something I usually do because on the way back is way more uphill and also the causeway is really dangerous because it is just sidewalk and then cars whipping by, no barriers at all.  A couple of cyclists have been killed this way as they fell into traffic.  But I really wanted to continue the overcycling odyssey and it was a nice day.

I stopped on the bridge to take the picture.  It was really windy up there and high up.  I could see how jumping would really, really hurt.  There is always that temptation though I find, especially when I look straight down.

By the time I got downtown (with about half an hour left to cycle) I had hit the wall.

“Vancouver’s hills only go up,” I thought.  I had to stop and walk for awhile, which for me feels like defeat.

“This feels like defeat,” I said aloud.  But by then I wasn’t breathing much so it was just as well.

Tomorrow will be an exercise rest day.  Maybe a dip in Kits. Pool (four more open days!) but that’s about it.

I’ve mentioned this before – but why are talk shows during the day – and thus aimed at stay at home women – so daft?  The Talk for example.  The actress Sara Gilbert started it with an aim to have the other hosts be moms.  Four seasons later, only two of the four hosts are moms.  That’s okay.  But the talk is well, all talk.  Celebrity gossip and mocking of the celebrities.  And then really dumb stuff.  Like each host was going to face their worst fears – Sara’s was to lie down on a bed of nails, have another bed of nails on top of her and then a piece of granite split on her stomach.  Turns out she can’t do this because she is pregnant.

It is all so inane – not Sara’s pregnancy, the show.  Other daytime talk shows – The View for example, are just as inane.  Katie Couric, quite a respected journalist, had a daytime talk show for two seasons before it was cancelled.  She went from exposing Sarah Palin’s lack of newspaper reading to talking about how to lose weight.  Meredith Viera, a former 60 Minutes reporter, did The View for awhile and soon will have her own daytime talk show.  Episodes on weight and botox await.

Today at Chapters in North Van (well,yeah) they have a magazine section called, “Women’s Interest.”  Not a political or educational magazine amonst them.  Rather, magazines about weight and fashion.  There was no men’s section.

Obviously, as an unempl9yed too much free time person,  it is up to me if I watch TV and what I watch.  But having so much time makes me think and wonder why ‘women’s’ talk shows are still so purposefully non-intellectual.  Sara Gilbert has always struck me as an intelligent and left-leaning kind of a person but none of that is in evidence on The Talk.  Maybe she needed a regular job.  Aisha Tyler is also on The Talk.  She is a comedienne but seems to dumb it down on the show.  I heard her interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi on CBC awhile back (during my tenure at the church of which we do not speak) and she was articulate, insightful and funny.  Sharon Osborne is another host on The Talk – not much to say there really.

Anyway, just daytime thoughts.

My muscles they are tired.

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