WorkBC office and another day in paradise

Well, yeah, Vancouver in the summer is paradise really.  I don’t think I ever get used to the mountains, the ocean, the trees and the etc. but maybe a bit.  I knew that picture from the bridge yesterday was lovely but I think I forgot how amazing it is and that I live five minutes from the beach.

One forgets.

The rains from November to April-ish are also quite remarkable – unrelenting, low dark clouds.  Tis the price you pay I guess for the paradise part.

I have never been east of Quebec (gack, I know) and I hear tell the east coast is also very beautiful.  Every time I leave Vancouver to go to say, Winnipeg, I remember how much I love Vancouver.   Nothing wrong with Winnipeg of course but for me, there is no comparison.  I remember times coming back from visiting my ill mom and the relief that flooded me when I landed in Vancouver.  It is definitely more my home than Winnipeg and I’ve also lived here longer.

Anyway, I am typing this from the WorkBC office in my neighbourhood (well a 1/2 hour walk or so but yes, in Kitsilano).  The wall of computers faces outside which is nice.  There are I’d say 10 computers and they are all filled up.  People are looking for work although the woman next to me is checking out her Facebook page.  Props to her.  The woman on the other side of me is looking at some page that says, ‘work for us.’  I’m not a subtle looker over so I’d better stop.

After having lunch and an outside sit down in a park with the fabulous Jane near here, I thought I’d pop in.  Do a little printing.  Be vaguely less isolated.  In general, this place makes me feel more nihilistic.  Not today. I don’t see my case manager around – hopefully she hasn’t quit.  I can’t imagine that she has but there was quite awhile where my case manager changed every three months.

J. is my case manager.  In general, she doesn’t respond to my e-mails anymore.  She’s told me there is nothing more she can do for me and fair enough I guess;  I do expect the moon.  I’m eligible for the targeted wage subsidy and re-training money, if only I could figure out what I wanted to do and jumped through several hoops. I would happily jump if I could figure out what I wanted.  J. had no more ideas.  I did get a book or two of bus tickets though so that was nice.

The downtown school I sub at has no need of subs at all.  “Maybe a bit in October,” said boss.  Sigh.  I am more and more regretting that wayward e-mail of last week.  That job wouldn’t have been great and wouldn’t have paid me much but it would have gotten me out of the house every day, given me a schedule.  Not having a schedule as I’ve said over and over and over and over (over) is really really hard for me.  Time become amorphous (credit to S.T. for that word use in this situation).  I’m in a pickle of pickles.  A veritable cucumber even.

I like visiting with folks and loved hanging out with Jane but I’m kind of done with that.

“Volunteer,” suggest a few folks.


Crap, now I am getting anxious thinking about my untenable situation – I thought I was far enough into my bored coma that that wasn’t happening anymore.

Shocking about Rob Ford’s tumour.  Awful.  I don’t want to take my own health for granted (well other than the usual mid-life complaints).  I saw an old video of Joan Rivers’ stand up and I figured out she was in her 50s when she did it.  She was full of energy and at her peak really.  I realize that in 10 years I may well lament not using my robust enough health when I had it.

Bored coma.

Who I’m reading lately is Laura van den Berg – I read her more recent short stories and now an earlier collection called, “What the world will look like when all the water leaves us.”  She’s quite good.

My short story writing god, KD Miller is coming to the Vancouver Writers’ fest so hurrah.

It is only 3:30 pm for goodness sakes.

I’ve mass sent out my resume to some more downtown (gack)  ESL schools and the ones that offer LINC.  I’m not expecting a massive response but we shall see.

I’ll find out by the end of the month if both, either or neither of my Langara night courses are running.  Doubtful, said my boss.  We shall see.  ESL seems to flood in and flood out – I figured out that for a few weeks there in the summer I was making quite good money working at Langara and UBC.  I’m trying to tell myself that that makes up for these lean times!

Oooh, just got an e-mail about subbing LINC on Monday.  That will be nice if it works out.   Just ironing out a few kinks.  So not a flood but a drop once in awhile.

Dad is still in hospital in Winnipeg.  They can’t seem to get his blood pressure up.  Gack.

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