Edgy bored coma and sunshine and such

A beautiful, absolutely beautiful summer day.  I’m sure it was 25C today.  I cycled to a place I am subbing for six hours on Monday – that was an awkwardly worded sentence.  Took about half an hour.  I forgot the address and I hadn’t been there before.  I think I mentioned that in my bored coma I am forgetting a whole lot.

“Why is dad so weak?”  I e-mailed my sister.

“Because his hemoglobin is low.”

“Why is it low.”

“Because of his (rare blood) cancer.”


Normally, I would have put two and two together but I was as if my brain couldn’t figure that out.

“Maybe write things down,”  suggested A.T.

“Oh, yes, good idea,” I said.

A.T. noted I was less quick.

“Bored coma,” I said.

We painted and such.  Her relentlessly compassionate stance is I think  something I am vaguely starting to internalize, much to my self-dislike’s despair perhaps.  It teeters though, in the massive amounts of amorphous time that I have.

Teeter, totter.

I got that word amorphous from S.T. I like it – I knew it but hadn’t used it as obsessively as I am now, ha.


This summer weather is fabulous.  Tomorrow night my boss at UBC when I’m at UBC is having a soiree at her and her gorgeous 14-years younger French partner’s abode.  It would be two buses or a longish bike ride.  I’m not a fan of cycling at night but I think I will.  Last time I went to one of her soiree’s it was in March of last year I think.  I cycled home in the pouring rain and absolute darkness.  Not so relaxing that.

Sunday I think I will go to the Vineyard again.  I wish it weren’t so far but it is what it is kind of thing.  I’m not sure though.  I’m not sure I can reconcile myself to some pretty conservative bible thoughts.  There was a bit of Facebook back and forthing this evening on one of those thoughts and it just frustrated and saddened me.  I can present so forcefully that it naturally fosters a bit of debate.  So I just ended up taking my comments off and apologizing for bringing it up – my free floating anger likes to go there but it doesn’t help anyone, most of all me.

I don’t think I’m depressed as much as just very bored. Word on the street is that my dad – sequestered in a hospital room shared with a woman with dementia, is also very very bored.  They can’t seem to get his blood pressure up – he is now wearing pressure stockings from hips to below his feet.  Catheter might also be needed.  Walker.  That is a pretty quick downhillness really.  They will eventually let him out – his drivers’ license will be (phew) suspended, something he does not know yet.  This will cause him stress which may bring up his blood pressure one hopes.  Hmmm, that would be a good side of that.

Sister S.’s birthday is on Thursday.  I have something for her but have so far failed to make it to the post office – bored coma or something.  It might be late!

I appreciate the readership, wee wee fanbase.

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