Langara comes through for pocket money and brain usage

So phew.  Enough students have signed up for one of the two 8 week once a week courses that I teach in the evenings at Langara College.  Phew.  Just one more student needed for the other course.  So that will either be two or one night a week starting in two weeks.

Lots of the word week there.

So it’s either 2.5 or five hours a week.  A great hourly rate of pay but alas, not enough hours a week or enough weeks a year!

But still something to a. relieve the pressure on my savings and b. get me out there in the world of people – via walking, bus, skytrain, walking but out there I say.

The class that is running for sure is on the same night as Centering Prayer which is too bad.  I went last night and really liked it as I did last spring when I went.

Uh well, I’ll be back there in two months.

No day jobs – even subbing – on the horizon unfortunately.  November and December are dead for sure so eeek and eeek.  And finally, eeeek. One downtown school contacted me but their starting wage, they informed me, for someone WITH a Masters (somehow they think I have this) is equivalent to what I made 15 years ago when I started out.  And it was only for a here and there for subbing.  I know, I know, beggars and choosers and such like that.  For sure, for sure.  And I’m sure in a couple of months I’ll be desperate enough.  Seems most downtown schools pay this wage now but there are a few that are a bit better.  I’m on the UBC sub list but that has slowed to a stop but of course.

I’m also applying for other type jobs but no luck so far.



Must breathe.

But hearing that the Langara course is running for sure was a bit of a boost.

Yup, that is how it is.

Day by day.

Met my friend M. (boss from Explore) on the beach yesterday when it was still sunny.  That was generally enjoyable.

Today it is cloudy but not raining too hard just yet.  I think I’m meeting C. for lunch but must confirm that situation.

I do know I need to get out of my apartment – antsy.

Tricky, this.

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