Well not great timing on that

My laptop, my only computer, had been acting up for awhile.  I preferred to approach the situation with denial.  Who can afford a new computer?  Not me.  Well, updates weren’t configuring and also my antivirus wouldn’t work.  Other things.  Blah blah.

Every night when I turned it off and every morning when I turned it on 17 updates would try and configure but would not.


Then I finally read the little blurb that popped up. Seems my hard drive was corrupted.  I don’t know much, but I know that this is not good.

Did some internet searching and talked to various and sundry.

New computer needed; my old computer was going down at any moment.


I headed over to FutureShop on Sunday and got a decent deal – got myself MS Word 2013 as well.  The clerk took pity on my shaking and quaking self (oy, change.) and had the geek squad set up Windows 8.1 to look like Windows 7, had them do a recovery USB, and a few other things.  That way, when I picked it up five hours later, it was good to go.

I’ve backed up ITunes and such but can’t seem to transfer them onto the computer.  My other computer still works at the moment so that is helpful.

So yeah, that was an expense that I could not afford.  Really bad timing.  My old laptop lasted 3.5 years which is about average, said B.

Alrighty then.

It’s nice to be able to use the laptop keyboard again – my old one hadn’t been working in a long time.  I’m still using the external keyboard though in order to preserve said laptop one a bit longer.

Unexpecred expense.

I’m subbing mornings this week at a downtown school that is laying off half of its teachers come November due to low student numbers.  Yup, that is how that goes.

My two evening Langara courses are running starting next week for eight weeks.  That’s great- a little routine, some people, and a bit of pocket money and less out of the savings.  That’s good.  Yup.

“Wow, your personal life sucks,” e-mailed a friend to me.  Well, yeah, well, mom is dead, dad is indefinitely in hospital, and I don’t have a job and all sorts.

Oh and insomnia and nightmares (they do indeed go together) coming out of my ears.

But whatev.


I’m going to get off of the computer now because rumour has it that a computer at night can make insomnia worse.  I fall asleep just fine.  I just don’t stay asleep and when I do sleep it is very lightly and with nightmares.


The rains have returned to Vancouver which I guess is needed but really rather unfortunate.  Although the beginning of fall involved a 25C Sunday which was lovely.

My tan’s gonna fade.

Hmmm, maybe a warm bath.

Count sheep.

Don’t panic when you wake up at 3 am and don’t fall back to sleep for 3 hours and then have an hour long nightmare about TB and rejection.

Don’t freak out when you wake up feeling sick and shaky.

This Sunday (hopefully sunny) is the annual event at the downtown library where book and magazine people gather and sell literary magazines cheaply and there are workshops and speakers and all sorts.  It’s a day I like really.  Last year I stopped at the Christian Science booth and chatted with the Christian Science woman.

One of my writers’ group people, Raymond Nakamura, has recently had published (by a real publisher!  not self published) his children’s book called, ‘Peach Girl.”  It is a take on the Japanese story about peach girl.  He is also an illustrator but for this first book an illustrator was hired.  The illustrator illustrated peach girl to look quite a lot like Raymond’s daughter.  We are all very in awe that one of our own has been published.  He’ll be in two panel sessions at the library.  Check him out; maybe buy his book.

Every day of my life, practically every blooming hour, I think about my unemployment situation.  Doesn’t help really.

Be good to yourself, says A.T.  Oh A.T. that’s been much harder this week.

What else, what else.  I am not a rainy day cyclist so much. Too bad as that is what keeps me in shape.  I lost a little bit of weight this cycling season so I’m hoping the cycling season doesn’t have to end too soon.  There is the matter of wet leaves and such – one must be careful.

I did go to my writers’ group last night, despite being insomniaed and having to get up early in the morning to teach the three hours.  Good food as always – some homemade like macaroni with hashbrown type situation.  And other things.

The more you worry about insomnia the less you sleep I think.

After my mom died – I slept for two whole months without a single issue.

That was grace for sure.

Thanks for reading.  Making my way as we all are.

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