Well, yup.


Fun summer times.

Laughing in a tent in my friend’s yard.

Almost lived right in that moment.


Books, you say.

Read Ann-Marie MacDonald’s, “Adult Onset.”

My new computer is super slow, even the typing which sometimes jumps to other lines.


Watch, “Please Like Me” from Australia on Youtube.

Eat pie.

Watch The Good Wife (sort of.  I’m still not crazy about Julianna).

Read “Creative Non Fiction” magazine.


Awesome that.

Hands covered in green paint.


Your sister for getting dad into assisted living and getting all the furniture and doing everything and brother-in-law going out to Winnipeg to get him and bring him back to Ottawa.


Doubting yourself so much that you don’t get much of anything done.

Listen to this podcast.

BBC’s Ouch:  Disability Talk Show.  Not what you might think.

Be annoyed by but come to accept.

The rains and clouds in Vancouver for the next five months.


Rather than obsess about what I cannot change.

Join AA maybe.

Not because you are an alcoholic.

But because they are learning

to accept and change what they can and the wisdom difference thing.


That you survived that last wisdom tooth being pulled out when the dentist couldn’t quite get it all for hours.

And had to x-ray in the middle of it all.

And I said, hey leave some of it in if you like, it has gotta be better than what is going on here.

Bring her and her people a box of chocolates the next day.

To thank them for finally getting all the little bits out.

Try to save.

To be able to get a cleaning of teeth again.

And a new toothbrush and a professional mouth guard cleaning.


To Stevie Nicks.


Your bicycle but get massages to help pull your shoulders from your ears.




An hour and a half a day if that is all they will give you.


A blog and maybe something new for the Vancouver Courier but keep it a secret till you know for sure.  This one involves interviewing someone and telling their story.  And that is what I like to do.  Out of my head and into the head of this other person I hope I hope.

Would be an honour to tell that story.  The woman is 90 and appears to have a better memory than I do.

Can’t remember her name at the moment.

But she was a radio operator in World War II.

Somewhere out east.


at the cool people you get to meet.

Some have the most random stories.


A joke that makes me laugh.


M. for the Kobo Vox.


How to use a Smartboard from the 1.5 hour job.


A collage of Roman sculpture pictures you got from that sale.  Men were men then, albeit with small male parts.


That word you forgot.  And how to spell occasion which you can never ever remember.


A lot of water and then pee.


A lot.  No shame, no shame.

Be amazed.

That the earth doesn’t forget to move into autumn.  Does it not want to collapse a bit with old age and global warming and just forget sometimes.

There was something I needed to do, thinks the earth.

Oh right, change seasons.


Rumi, the Guesthouse and probably anything he ever wrote.


Why Gwyneth Paltrow got to meet the president.


Along to Annie freakin amazing Lennox.


Bored.  It’s okay.


A pie once in awhile.


Grey’s Anatomy even though it is no longer what it was.

Think about.


And Dale I’m coming back get the spare room ready I’ll be in bed by 10 every night and I like English food one of the few who do and I still haven’t forgotten the vegan shepherds’ pie you made me in 2006.  And OMG the vegan muffins were so good.


That’s okay.

And again.


Who knew.

No need.

To be an introvert when you’re not.


Kits. Pool opens in seven months-ish.


In a moment even when you can’t.

Be heart stoppingly proud.

Of your niece.

Whose job it will be to visit your father 18 hours a day.


That was a joke.

Be thrilled.

When she sends you a note and ends it, love you!


The Guardian online.

That’s what I have tonight.

Carry on.

As you were.

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