Who isn’t talking turkey?

Oh, tragically I am not.  My usual people who cook turkey are as such this year:

M:  Had her entire family over and that was a whole lot of people.

G:  Gone to her home on Hornby Island.

T:  Busy, exhausted and the like.

C:  With her family.

Alas, no turkey.

“Could you make a turkey?” asked A.T.

Well, I said, I did make a turkey once in 1994.  Tis true.  I was in Medicine Hat being a reporter before the internet holy cow and decided to have a few people over – an ex-boyfriend, a fellow who is now the editor of the Vancouver Courier and has thus provided me with $200 worth of freelancing in two years or so.  Thank you, B.  All work appreciated.  Oh and a couple of other people I think.

My editor had given me a pie, a recipe to cook turkey in like a bag, the bag and more advice.  Other people brought stuff.  The turkey wasn’t thawed completely in the morning so I had to call my mom long distance to find out which end was the butt end of the whole situation.

“Come on, Karen!” she said.

“I cannot tell,” I said.

The turkey turned out well as I recall.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have had folks to invite as they are all as above.

Sad state of affairs, yes?  Having no family is never more apparent to me than during holidays when everyone is spending time with their families.  Not always happily I realize.

Speaking of families, my brother-in-law S., is now in Winnipeg getting my hospitalized father sorted out and the house and such and then bringing him on the plane to Ottawa to his room at a lovely assisted living facility.  It is 800 times better than a nursing home.  My sister sent me a photo that S. had sent to her of dad and it seems he now has a goatee which he has never had before.  I think they must be shaving him that way.  Looks fine.  The house is a huge undertaking as there is almost 50 years worth of stuff in there.  Yikes.  So a big thank you to S.

I went to the Vineyard church again this morning.  Was too cold for cycling for me (gack, end of cycling season, no no no) so I took a Car-2-Go which I can’t afford and will take the bus from now on.  Anyway, there was a celebration of sorts today for folks who had been serving chili to the homeless et al in a local park for 22 years.  For various reasons it has had to shut down.  But for 22 years every Tuesday night without fail (even if a Tuesday landed on Christmas Day) these folks served.  Kind of mind blowing really.  There were no barriers – anyone could come for chili – the rich, the poor, the high, the low, etc.  Years ago (1995!) I did a story on it for the Vancouver Courier and I went and volunteered for an evening.  It too was a huge undertaking done week after week, year in and year out.


After the service, there was like a tea with various and sundry sandwiches and desserts.  I partook.

“Hmmm,” I said, “I think there was fish in that sandwich.  My ears are itchy.”

That’s a bit tricky but no closing airways as of yet.

I appreciated the hospitality and the company.

Oh, holidays.

What is up in insomnia land.  Well, I am still waking up in the middle of the night every night and not going much back to sleep.  The more this happens it seems the more it happens.  Crazy making really.  Leaves me feeling sick.  Had a nightmare last night about G.  Weird.

I’m still trying to decide if my orchid is dead.  I think so but there are still flowers on it but they look sad and no more flowers have grown, just wee little dead looking buds.

It is now pouring outside and dark.  Yup.  I get waaaaay out of shape in the fall and winter, after a spring/summer of obsessive bicycle riding.  I hear tell that there will be sun on Tuesday and only Tuesday, so let’s get out there.

I played Scrabble yesterday with members of the meetup.com group.  Schlepped to North Burnaby where I lived 26 years ago when I was going to SFU.  That was a great time that year at SFU – that’s when I met M. of the big family dinners.  Time flies like a crazy flying thing.  One of the women in the group is also an ESL teacher and works sporadically like me.  She’s in her 50s so it is perhaps even more dire for her.  She smartly has a roommate so is less stressed when the slow season comes.

I just played a seven letter word on FB scrabble in a game with M. which I hardly ever do – icemaker was the word, with the e I think all ready there.  Hurrah.

Yup.  When I go out and interact with people I am in a much better head space to, well, exist.  That is a fact.

Lots of people sniffling and coughing these days, especially on the buses I was on all weekend (it seemed like a lot, more than usual due to the non-cycling season of which I spoke of earlier).  When I get sick, I’m like gack, I will never get better.  The last time was in the summer when I had laryngitis while teaching Explore.

So there we have it.  Tuesday I’m back to three days of 1.5 hours of subbing! each day at a decent downtown school and my two night classes.  More will open up or it will not type thing

While I was in Burnaby before Scrabbling, I went into the McGill Library that I went to years and years ago.  That was an all right thing to do.

They had the book, Chicken Soup for Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries.  While I in general don’t like the Chicken Soup phenomenon (really conservative Christians started it and now try to Amway it is my understanding) but I’m obsessed a bit with people with TBIs.  Not in a bad or exploitative way I don’t think, just in an interested way.

R., my across the street neighbour, is a cycling helmet fanatic.  I wear one because it is the law here.

R., I say, if a car hits me at full speed my little helmet isn’t going to help me.

And it isn’t but when I wear one, I get the illusion of more safety.

Anyway, that’s about it I think.  Stream of consciousness done.  Worry not, I think I have plans for Christmas, which is good, because that is mom passing anniversary time.

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