I do a lot of waiting it seems.  Waiting for the bus.  Waiting for a response to some resume or other I’ve sent off to somewhere or another.

A lot of waiting.

I had an appointment today;  it got cancelled for a reason or two this morning.  Well, at least I wasn’t kept waiting for someone who wasn’t going to show up at all.

It is hard to discern the fine line between self-pity and not self-pity as I am in this waiting place.  I am teaching tonight but that is not for hours.  The weather is rainy and cold so I’m not eager to get out there any time soon.  But I will, I will to get my body moving in some form or another.  Then I’ll be early at Langara and a bit more waiting.


What did Renee Zellweger do to her face and why did she do it, is the question.

I shake and quake in my boots sometimes.


Waiting to write – imagine the writing I could get done if I did it every day.  Even morning pages.  Anyone do morning pages?

I have less brilliance today, ha.

What else, what else.

Oh Renee is not confirming she has had work done but come on now.  I don’t think her face naturally completely changed.  If it did, interesting.

Oh Sharon Osborne thinks that Renee had her eye lids lowered.  Makes sense.

I’ve been applying for odd jobs like working at London Drugs but I haven’t heard back yet.  Not surprising

Yes, Renee no longer has an endearing face they are saying.  That seems true.

The heat doesn’t come on in my apartment too much when it is cold.  That is odd.

Oh Julie Chen is over 45 years old come on now.

Okay, I obviously have nothing exciting to contribute her to wordpress and so I will stop.  As you were.

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