Dear Chapters:

Or Indigo or whatever you are these days:

I visited you this evening.  Oh you are packed with people.  You are also packed with Christmas trees, Christmas stuff everywhere.

I wonder, Chapters, if you still sell books.

Seems you do but the square footage for books and reading material seems less and less.

The stuff is crowding it out.

It also seems your thing to have ‘Heather’s picks.’  Totally getting that Heather is the CEO and therefore her picks may hold some weight.

I’m not feeling it.  I don’t know why and no offense but I care so little what Heather picks.  Or rather, apparently, what her staff picks for her.

I do see that you are having John Cleese in your store next week.  That’s cool.  Absolutely no pictures or personal notes when he signs your books, insist your signs.  Yeah, okay.  I’m sure it will be crazy there.

I would also like you to please carry the Bellevue Literary Review again.

I’m also curious about how you decide which books are ‘for men’ and which ones ‘for women.’   Oh and which ones for ‘thinkers.’  The other hand I guess being ‘for non-thinkers.’

I do of course enjoy your 40% off best sellers – that got me Ian McEwan’s surprisingly excellent latest.

You do have some literary magazines still, very good, very good.

But the general feel of your store, Chapters, especially your downtown store, is not one that I so much enjoy.  But that’s just me of course.  There seemed to be many happy shoppers there.

You used to have these great comfy chairs to sit in that made reading an entire book without having to buy it a freelance person’s dream.  Those are gone now – a few hard back chairs still.  Well, thanks for keeping those.

I worry, Chapters.  I worry that one day you will have no books at all.  When does Heather think this is likely to happen?

I even applied earlier this year to be a part of your bookstore-ness.  72 online questions about my desire to be a Chapters team player and it seems I failed.  But Chapters, I would tell people more than they ever wanted to know about books.  Well, some anyway.  Not so much the vampire-esque ones or the so-called chick lit.

Your staff is generally very friendly and they don’t seem like they want to slash their throats immediately.  So that’s good.

Chapters, you are sadly or not, the Canadian bookstore.  This is a lot of responsibility.  I think 10 trees in one store is more than enough but that’s just me.

Heather, could you sometimes pick less obvious picks?  How about something out of left field that hasn’t had much promotion elsewhere but is damn good?  I know, I know, I don’t understand the bottom line.

Anyway, just some thoughts.  I can’t quit you of course but Book Warehouse has a bit more of my heart.  My soul though – that belongs to Powells’ Books in Portland and Foyle’s Books in London, England.  A tiny bit of my soul would go to Village Books in Bellingham, mainly because it isn’t too far.

But I don’t think you can really have anyone’s soul, Chapters, cause really, you may not have one yourself.

Hmmm, That last line there is a little judgemental.

At Meetup Scrabble late this afternoon, there was more weirdness than I’d say was usual.  It was out in North bleepin Burnaby because most folks live out there.  Twas okay, I did my McGill Library thing first.

One of the Scrabble players seemed to think I talked too much and she expressed this in a way that is fairly typical of the socially inept group of players that we are.  That bugged me more than her comments.  Give me a break.  This Scrabble group must remain sacred.

My throat glands hurt again I tell you.  Sheesh.

On a positive note, my wee story made the front page of the Vancouver Courier so that was nice nice.

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