Hmmm.  So my sister still has no balance when she walks so they are sending her from one hospital to another via ambulance where she has to wait in yet another emergency to see a neurologist as the first hospital hasn’t got one of those today.


She managed to e-mail me earlier today to tell me about this.

“Awful,” I wrote back.


A dog and pony show my brother-in-law called it and he is right – at least a nurse has accompanied them which makes me feel a bit relieved.  The MRI and CT scan were clear but her right eye is still moving about.


“Your blog is like an online journal,” noted L.

“Yeah,” I wrote back.

That is how I roll.

So I feel like I have to go buy another book even though I have a zillion and I have no job and no money.  Hmmm.   But but but but but.

This week though I am working quite a lot.  Monday-Thursday six hours a day with the delightful Chinese immigrants and two evenings.  After Thursday, there is a whole lot of nothing and I mean it this time, ha.  I tried to get some kind of a job through Christmas but nothing has come of that as of yet.  Hmmm, the next two months will be super slow.  I hate like crazy digging into my savings but there you go.

It is a stunningly beautiful day here in Vancouver, BC – perfect blue sky and it is cold and I love it.  I’ll get out there soon.  I have a 50th birthday celebration to go to later that I somehow helped organize.  Wasn’t too difficult, mainly e-mailing folks and the restaurant.  It’s for C.  and C. is fabulous.  I’ve known C. for like almost 20 years holy cow holy cow.  We lost touch for several years, then reconnected about three years ago at Save On Foods of all places.  She’s funny and we laugh and she like sits with people in the ER.  She did that for me when I had pneumonia and for several other people. She is the go to person for that.  She is also teaching me how to hug without pulling away so quickly – are we done yet, are we done yet.  Not yet! she says.  Hmmm, in my heart I am a huge hugger.

Anyway, so this should be fun and I think she will have a great time.

The elections were held and it was close but Gregor Robertson remains the mayor.  Lesser of two evils perhaps but who knows.

Okay, off I go to think about neurologist and emergency rooms and maybe dance to a bit of Abba.

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