Make a video of yourself to note how you have aged

I was bored on a Saturday night.  La la la la la.


So I made a short video (no, not that kind of video.  Although, hmmm, might be a way to make money) and posted it on FB.  Just a silly kind of thing.  But kinda fun.  Doing these kinds of things one must determine if getting a little FB video attention is worth noting the more sagginess and agee-ness of the situation.  Not sure but uh well.

I’ve been looking through pictures of my travels from 2010 and 2009 and wowza I want to get back into that kind of shape again.  More time on the bicycle needed, although I did a huge bike ride to West Van and back on Friday.

I’m subbing a tiny bit this week – not much and all three mornings require early get up times, something I haven’t had to do in about six months.  We shall see.

I had decided to go to the Vancouver Vineyard this morning (church, not cult or winery) but when I got to the car2go it was not there.  Problem with the car’s GPS, said car2go phone person from somewhere in the United States.  There were not other cars around and it was too late to take the bus.  So I decided to once again check out the church that was unfriendly and not really my thing a year ago, mainly because it is now situated in the United Church building that I used to attend really close to my abode.  I saw a couple of people I knew so that was nice.  It was packed out, mainly young married couples and some seniors.  Not many people my age it seemed.  It still wasn’t . . . comfortable – pretty conservative theology and no one I really knew.  The ‘turn around and greet someone” portion always makes me a little eeek-y.  I realize I could have marched up to folks and said hello.  I did not and they did not.  Part of this is a Vancouver issue because Vancouver folks aren’t necessarily that friendly. Part of it is that people speak to who they know and I get that.  I’m guilty of the same.  I’m sure if I got involved in things that I would meet more people.  But at the core, it just felt, yeah, uncomfortable.    And the sermon was theologically sound for that set of beliefs I will say.  Where I am at in my head and I guess heart, I can no longer tolerate being told such things like my heart is radioactive and I need Jesus to make it right. I get what is being said but . . . meh.  I’m not saying I’m above that or beyond that or any of that but, hmmm, I can’t explain it.  The analogies, the message – meh for me.  Hmmm, this sounds judgemental and I guess it is.

It’s tricky, because I get the real message and I got what he was saying.  But the emphasis on how humans are ‘radioactive’, for me and maybe for other folks, is ultimately a destructive one.

Anyway, enough of that.  The Vineyard of course would have much the same theology but I’m more comfortable there.  It is a poor as poor little church out in the bowels of East Vancouver and I need to make more of an effort to get there and to not yell at the car2go person on the phone.

So alas it was a long and not very eventful day.  I had a couple of opportunities to go out and ultimately did not, which is often a mistake on my part.    I am not a hermit but sometimes it is just easier to be that way.

Age is a thing I obsess about.

Age and art.

I am one of the few people I think who like Mondays.  I always have – even when I had an actual job.

Carry on, y’all.

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