Frustration tis true

14 Jul

I can’t find a job!  I FB to a very patient listener.

Get a job, she types back.

Yeah, even the long suffering amongst us are frustrated.

There seemed to be a glimmer of hope with a Chinese cram school that would pay decently until I figured out that they have no idea how to run the adult ESL classes they seem to want to run for the parents of the cram school children.  And out went that idea.

The downtown school still has no classes for me – bizarro land for sure.  Sometimes they use me for 1.5 hours a week to intake new students.  This was the case early this morning.  Some of the students were 16 years old and travelling internationally on their own for the first time.  Another woman in her 30’s looked at me and said, ‘no English.’  Poor dear, she was quite nervous too.  I asked a couple of basic questions and then figured out she actually had as she had said.  She was an easy level to place.

Tomorrow I am subbing for the first time in like eight months up at ELI at UBC.  I shall ride my bicycle up there I think.  Given that the bus loop is a 15 minute walk from ELI and the bike ride 45 minutes or so (hmmm, big hill), the bike ride may be prudent.  I shall have to avoid seeing who gets to work the short programs this summer since it isn’t, well, me (except for three weeks in August). My usual reaction is despair but I’ll see if I can wonk that up to despair-lite.

Ha, I like that despair-lite.

Where did my tutoring student go?  He said he was sick and cancelled on Saturday and then he disappeared.  Oddly typical.  This is why one can’t count on tutoring as a viable living.

The Glenda (she who gets her full first name printed here) picked me up after my 1.5 hour day and we went to Costco.  She needed to buy whole raw chickens (a rather stomach churning sight at 10:30 am) to make dog food for, well, her dog.  We enjoyed a Costco hotdog and pop, although disturbingly the rootbeer wasn’t working – had to settle for the lemonade.

Then we went to hers to get her set of Ikea allen keys (who is allen and why are keys named after him) and we came back to mine and finally, after years of brokenness, got the futon frame hole back in the correct socket.  Hallelujah!  The socket is a bit worn away so we put books underneath it all to help relieve the pressure (books are, after all, good at relieving pressure).  The futon looks infinitely more even now.  Of course I don’t sit on it often due to the lack of television but still, good good.  I am so used to not wanting to put pressure on the futon due to the left side suddenly falling down, gromp, that it will take awhile to learn to trust it again.

“It could pop out of the socket again,” noted Glenda.

“I shall not live my futon live in fear,” I said.

Thank goodness I got that retro cheque from the government a month ago or I would be (more) hysterical at not having worked in two months.  It really is a boring, frustrating topic.

I was very pleased to see that my cable bill (I still have internet) has been cut back nicely.  Phew.

The beach has been lovely and the smoke seems to have mostly cleared and so the sun is shining again.  Very good.

One Response to “Frustration tis true”

  1. Christine July 14, 2015 at 3:58 am #

    I shall endeavour to get back to my normal patient self 🙂

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