Ages and ages

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So it has been ages and ages since I’ve written anything on here.  Hmmm.  My 15 year old tutee cancelled our session for this afternoon just this morning and so now I am unmoneyed and unstructured.  Noon time and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet – that kind of thing.


She’s an honest girl though and hardworking and I do know that she actually does have a meeting that she didn’t know about until this morning.  But still, ugh.  What shall I do do do do do.

I guess I should be grateful because my weekends are pretty full on – two hours on Friday, six! on Saturday and four on Sunday, for now, until cancelled at random.  So for me I am always happy to see Monday coming around as it is like my weekend although I have been doing a bit of work on that day as well – an hour and a half at the downtown school, doing intake interviews for new students.  It’s not much really and I have to get up early for that 90 minutes but it does give me a sense of routine which is good.  There was some afternoon subbing there this week but I can’t do that due to aforementioned cancelling tutee.  Uh well.   I stick with this particular downtown school because it is a ‘cut above’ most schools out there and has a union so the pay is not too bad.  And I know the routine and etc.  I always enjoy intaking and doing the short speaking test (5 minutes) with each student.  I’m quite efficient at it and so they seem to like using me to do that.  The students are often quite nervous, poor things.  The easiest are the ones who have so little English that I know what level to put them in right away.  No need to prolong that torture for them.  If there English is quite high level then we have a good chat.  I had a great little chat with a woman from Saudi Arabia this week – the Saudis usually study in Canada for years at a time and switch schools every few months.  The women are very often smart cookies who are becoming scientists, doctors, or lawyers.  I think I interviewed one once who was a psychiatrist.  So spoke to her for 50 minutes and called it an hour.  I joke, I joke.  Joking.  But she really was a psychiatrist.

Wow, so as of this month I have lived in Vancouver for 29 years (minus the 3.5 years in Medicine Hat, Alberta where I was a reporter of arts and entertainment and it felt like a real job!) and also 16 years that I have been teaching ESL.  Sixteen years! and I am scrambling to make enough to pay rent every month.  Sheesh and etc.  I remember moving here in 1987 – fresh out of having lived at home and no idea how to boil an egg – I can sometimes boil an egg now. I remember looking up at Grouse Mountain one evening and thinking, gee, I’ve been here for seven weeks.  Now when I look up at Grouse it has been completely turned into condos.  I joke, but just barely on that one.

But thank goodness for my young Chinese students – I get on average about 11 hours a week from these young folks at quite a good wage.   Christmas was slow and dead really as they all went away but they are back now so that is good.  It does leave me with most of my days completely free which is . . . annoying.  I become less and less motivated to do anything on these days!  I enjoy most of the students and a few I downright love and feel protective over.

C’est la vie.

What else what else.

Oh and my two Langara evening courses are not going to run – not enough students signed up!  First time that this has happened that both are cancelled.  Craziness.H

Hmmm . . . only four more months until the pool in the picture opens.

I went to the expensive physio yesterday and was told that I have a rotator cuff injury due to misusing the weights at the gym.  Uh huh!  I said.  She showed me all kinds of pictures of a skeleton’s bones and then she added in muscles in red and I still did not understand what exactly is where.  “We really are just skeletons,” I said, “And all of our effort to make our skin and fat look nice and there we are.”

Seems the physio turned 50 last year and she has no kids either.  Make your last few months (before turning 50) all about you, she said.  I wondered how this was different from my last 49 years and 10 months.

Later at the pharmacy there was a mom and her little girl ahead of me getting like 20 bottles of pills for their mother/grandmother.

“I’m three and three quarters,” announced the little girl.f

“And I am 49 and 10 months almost,” I said.

Oooh, a small bit of sun is in the sky just now.  Hello, sun.



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