Well well and watcha all reading

Well Well.

Well Well.




Must not blog about work situation on my work-ish blog.

Suffice to say that the demon child ‘student evaluations’ – that which has affected my life for 16 years is affecting my life again in my uncertain temporary for now job situation.  The thing is and here is the thing – if this little place in the core of Lotus Land goes belly up for me (I swear I am having a mild version of PTSD from past work like this) then I am well and truly screwed.  For a little while this last while I was working three different jobs so I wasn’t just dipping into one well.  Now it is mainly one well.  And that well- well, well, well.

Customer is god, says one of my friends in the industry.

True, true and true.

There is no other place in Vancouver in this field that I will work in after this.

Well, well.

I don’t know how to tackle this one I do not I do not.  Perhaps denial, watch things dwindle away . . .


Y’all know me by now and my ability to spiral down down or is it up up from this.

Watcha all reading?  When I am feeling under the gun like this, I buy reading material – I spend copious amounts in fact on reading material.  Indeed, the library.  Indeed.

Gail Bowen has her latest just out – What’s Left Behind is the title.  I got into Bowen, a mystery writer (I am not a mystery fan) back in 1992 when I interviewed her for The Medicine Hat News (I had at one point in this life a writing job).  I met up with her a few years later at the Vancouver Writers’ Festival and she remembered me.  Then a couple of years ago I volunteered at the festival and she walked past me, looked at me, and had no recognition.  Fair enough.  I wasn’t sure exactly when her book was coming out – I’d thought April but turns out now.  I just happened to be at the North Vancouver Indigo (why not Chapters anymore?) and I checked around.  A clerk offered to help but she hadn’t heard of Bowen and said, “It is very possible” after I said the book may or may not be out yet.  She scurried away before I had the chance to ask is that possible or not.  I think the Indigo staff are forced to ask if customers want help but then they often have no idea what books are where and for when and etc.  Not their faults really.

Then the best American Magazine Writing, and Dylan Klebold’s mother’s book where she spends a lot of time blaming Eric.  I didn’t buy all of these at once mind you.

The soothing Soap Opera Digest.

I was going to comment on a comment that kind of upset me at the wee Bible study I attend at the downtown Anglican Church but I just remembered that we said what is said there, stays there, a la Fight Club.

OMG, when something upsets me I can get so angry.  I mean I never like break anything (on purpose) but there be my anger – always at the ready.  That makes me, well, angry.  It is frustrating to have such a powerful emotion be one of my dominant emotions.  Don’t let the sun go down on your anger!  Well, I’d better move to the land of the midnight sun.


Some people celebrate Easter religiously I noted the other evening to much chortling.  I hadn’t even meant it as an interesting play on words but there you go.

My tutee is having trouble with symbolism in poetry (and I guess all kinds of writing).  She is in grade 10 but not real grade 10, she says.  Hmmm.  More of an ESL grade 10 it seems.  Meanwhile my other tutee is in grade 10 at a private IB school and geez the Great Gatsby and symbolism and math projects I correct for grammar and all sorts, yearbook committee and personal project and on and on.  I am exhausted for her I am.  She beamed the other day when I gave her a bookmark.  It was sweet really.  My main tutees, twins, have dropped off the earth face as their father got tired of paying or some such.  I’m happy to have my Saturday mornings free and no schlepping on a Wednesday but come on now.  There will be no new students until at least the fall what with school years settled in and spring break and summer break and I have no money due to the above above.

And so I book buy and magazine buy and get fat under the raining cold rain. Like that.

The real tragedy though is having been given an awesome 32 inch 10 year old TV and having no cable.  Well, yeah, tragedy that one.  Mind you, I wouldn’t have watched the Academy Awards tonight.  I don’t think I saw any of the movies and Leonardo DiCaprio?  Please people please.

I have not left physically left the Lower Mainland in more than two years.  That is crazy times.

So some folks believe that angels have taken care of them in the past, saved their lives.  This bothers me – does this then mean that angels have not saved the lives of others?  That seems not right.  When my mother unit was dying awhile back (sniffle still), a FB’s friend mom/dad/won’t specify here was very very sick.  But folks prayed and he/she survived! Praise God and all of that was the FB order of the day.  Again though – that kind of stung – happy he/she is alive don’t get me wrong but . . .

Spring will be springing soon or so they say.  Alas it is still cold and rainy but soon, people, soon.