Should update the blog

For my consistent readership of two.

Thank you, wee readership.

Oooh suddenly a bit of sun in the sky.  This will be good for the folks at the Folk Festival – all those mellow folks don’t need to be rained down upon.

I popped by there yesterday afternoon – not too crowded yet and this morning to hear Twin Bandit – a wee group of two.  One of those two I have known since she was in utero so, you know, I am old.  No matter.  I walked through the masses of things for sale – lots of folky type stuff – scarves and leather goods and what not – came upon an artist I like and he had small blocks of pictures of his paintings on sale at a reasonable price.  Little blocks of pictures of his pictures

Speaking of not working, I’m not really.  The summer just slowed down bing bang boom – without my really knowing it.  I chose part time work at UBC’s  ELI over what would have been more work at the downtown school.   then the downtown school (the school that FM’edme lest we forget) hired a bunch of other subs because their busy season is when I am not there.  In hindsight, I should have stayed at the DSTFM.  But uh well.  Now I have – wait for it – 1.5 hours a day for four days at the DSTFM.  Except for Monday, those hours are smack in the middle of the afternoon.  Sigh.  Better than . . . working at Staples probably.

So I had good run of six months making okay money working three different jobs at times.  And now oddly the summer, the busiest season, is slow.

We carry on.

There is much horror going on internationally of course – but I feel inadequate to address any of it.  I will leave that to the more adequate folks.

I will say that it does seem that the murders had barely stopped before analysis appeared.  There seems no space anymore to grieve the dead.

All my time, all of this amorphous time – I should write more!  Perhaps I will volunteer to care for injured donkeys.

Well, must shower.  M. and I – in search of a movie that doesn’t totally suck (difficult)are going to see I think a spy one with Ewan MacGregor.  So so reviews but it is long so we will get our money’s worth.  M lived in Turkey for four years and her hubby is from there – so I think of her.  Her in-laws are all fine which is a desperate relief.