Dad, tutoring, downtown school and the like. Maybe mice.

7 Sep

I have mice in my apartment.  Meece.  Mices.  Mouses.  More than one – so far I have seen a light brown one wiz by me and last night from my bedroom! (is nothing sacred ever) a little baby black one.

Finally connect with the owner of the building (no landlady.  Well there was but she was in her 80s and is now in a nursing home.  She had lived in the building since 1965, with her husband until he died) who tells me she will bring in a couple of traps on Thursday.

“Save the traps, okay,” she says.

“So, like, remove the dead meece and save the trap?”

“Or wait until I am next in and I’ll do it.”

No, I think the traps will be removed in their entirety.


I do not in any way want to do this but the mouse is becoming meeces so . . .

She regaled me with the story of the rats in the basement and the poison and oh that is why there was a huge dead rat in the bike room last year.  Oy.

I believe I prefer colonoscopy prep. to looking in the traps every day. You’ll hear them snap shut, she says.  God almighty, I said.

She is going to use cheese which isn’t the current thought on this but no matter.  Yuck.  Yuck.  YUCK.

No other apartment has mice or at least no one has seen them.  She gets confused the owner does and keeps telling me she will put the trap in the bathroom.  No the kitchen, I remind her.  One will go between the stove and wall and the other under the window.  Maybe I can then just hurl the lot out the window.  Probably best not to as I am on the second floor but my reactions may be such.  And I realize the mouse may actually not die right away and oy vay.

I think I could handle a dead cow more easily.  Not sure why.

I’m all dead mouse worked up.  I’m a light sleeper.  Snap!  Ugh.  Or I’ll wake up and there they will be all trapped up.


Weak and old dad is having minor surgery tomorrow.  This could be major.  He lives in Ottawa in assisted living near my sister.  Since my mom died he has gone so much more downhill poor old guy. My sister is going to spend the day at the hospital while he is in surgery.  Wait for the doctor’s report.  Make sure his wheelchair gets to his room.  The last time he was in hospital he needed to be in for quite awhile and he was a bit nervous about going back to the (lovely) manor.  His life has become infections and weakness – hopefully the surgery will help to alleviate a bit of the infection problem.

Enough said.  Well, other than it puts a giant lump in my throat.

Work.  Not much, as per usual.  The downtown school fills me with between 7-12 hours a week these days, sometimes at 1.5 hours a day which one would think is illegal as I’ve said before.  Apparently not.  Those hours will decrease pretty soon as well.  Newer teachers get more work because they get better evaluations, that kind of craziness.

I am getting D. back on Sunday as I have mentioned and I will be having a new 15 year old Chinese tutee, M, starting tomorrow evening.  It is about a 40 minute bike ride uphill or two buses or some such.  I’ll figure it out.  I wouldn’t go that far if it weren’t $40/hour.

Former student S. is back in town from China and I texted her but she doesn’t want further tutoring – too busy in her grade 11 year in the IB program in a private school.  Too bad.  She was lovely.

After a year of no classes because no students, I am hoping my two evening Langara classes run this year starting at the end of the month.  I am doing the intake interviewing next week in the evening so that is good.  Doesn’t seem promising though.

Oy.  So, as always, too much time on my hands.  I can’t go away because I can’t afford it and because I have to work around my 1.5 hour shifts.  Madness all around.

The Chinese cram school sent along an e-mail saying that if I don’t get my weekly/monthly reports in on time this year they will not pay me.  Well, they said if I am not on time, they are not on time.

Fair enough.  I shall report away.

The new student and I will feel each other out tomorrow evening and she will decide if she likes me.  Who knows.  Two hours is a long time with one student, especially since she won’t have any homework yet.  The cram school also keeps advising tutors of a four year old student who needs daily tutoring.  That must be really fun for the four year old.  Topics include social skills and manners, critical thinking, math and science.  The child is four.  What would one do?  Please say please and thank you.  Don’t eat spaghetti with your hands all of the time.  Tell me, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?  What is your take on the American election coverage?  Too much?

That would be tricky there with the four year old.  I would let her nap.  The mother would be like, hmmm, and I’d be like, we napped.  It was joyful.  Out the door I’d go.

Tiger mothers.

So same old same old – odd work situation (and the demoralizing downtown school that still pays more than the other downtown schools), under-ness and the like.

This morning I intook (not a word) a student at the downtown school – a young Brazilian woman who is a Bayer pharmaceutical rep.  Apparently Bayer owns Coppertone now.  Did she have any samples, I asked.  She did not.  The job pays very well.  She kind of knows it is a bit evil.  No matter.

I need to get out more.  I intook (not a word) a young handsome Italian student and felt myself staring into his eyes a bit.  And they are nervous because it is their first day and some middle aged woman with fabulous hair has taken them to a room by themselves to talk about themselves.

One young woman is from Belgium and her parents have paid for her to spend 39 weeks at the downtown school, as long as she gets a few diplomas – so IELTS, Cambridge, and general English.  She is just out of high school.

We have a couple of middle-aged students at the school, including a 52 year old Brazilian man (I haven’t met him) who apparently looks 82.  His wife had been at the school and complained hourly so we figure this may have aged him, this marriage.  No one really knows.  On Friday the school has me tutor (they like my tutoring because those don’t get evaluated by the students) a lovely Korean woman in her 30s.  She has travelled around the world and is really on the ball.  I feel badly she is stuck in classes with a bunch of naive 19 year olds.  She seems okay with it – her company is footing the bill.  We read from the Guardian online and chat about world events.

I went to the PNE yesterday for the first time in years – there were beef cows, piglets, dinosaurs that made dinosaur noises, and these really surreal dancing young people.  Had bad Mexican food.  Bonded with a new friend.  That kind of thing.

So that’s about it really.  Is that the mice I hear?!?!?!?  No, that was someone upstairs.  Where are the mice hiding?

You are all lovely – each and every one of my loyal fan base of two.



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