and a month later

Well, almost a month.

First, RIP all of the celebrities (and others less celebrated) who died in 2016.  I’ve been watching a lot of Carrie Fisher pieces on youtube and her ‘Mindful Drinking’ one woman show is quite fabulous.  She delves deeply and edgily into her whole rather messed up life – the chart she used to explain her parents’ many marriages and children is worth the price of admission alone.  A funny and intelligent woman.

And Debbie Reynolds – are there any idols from those days left?  That was some Hollywood – Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Cary Grant et al – imagine growing up with those movies.  My mom would have but I don’t know that she had ever actually been to a movie theatre.  I’m sure I would have had posters of the greats all over my walls – if that was done in those days.  Hmmm, I guess Doris Day is left.  She must be what, 110?  120?  Oh and let us not forget Katherine Hepburn.  I guess Jane Fonda although she was later.  Oh Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine.  Is Mickey Rooney dead?

Hollywood seems much more of a cesspool now but maybe it always was.  There seem to be no stars comparable to what there was before during the studio system.  Rita Hayworth, more names keep coming back to me.  Rock Hudson – so handsome.  I really should check into those old movies again.

I have not been exercising at all – partly due to feeling unwell and partly too lazy to venture out into the cold and snow and ice.  I am limited in what I can do at the gym – the bicycle mainly and some weights.  Swimming is good but lazy lazy lazy.  I walked to Costco today and maybe I will walk to Australia tomorrow, who knows.  My jeans have gotten tighter. Go figure.

Sigh.  The downtown school said to me (not the building but the boss) okay, you can do marking, clubs and intake.  Marking and clubs are gone due to some changes and intake is 1.5 hours a week.  Uh huh.  Craziness. I get about four hours there a week.  I’m back to tutoring this week my two students which is good.  I have them I think until spring break and then my main one, D. is off to Japan until the summer.  She said she will be done with her tutoring life then as grade 12 will be too busy for her.  Just as well, we don’t have that much to do.  My other student is come and go kind of a thing.  So, you know, no security there at all.

I will be working at UBC’s ELI in March – they had thought maybe February too but turns out no, I am not needed.  So that is very very good.  Great pay and great support – both administrative and by the head teacher.  But even there we are now told that the student customer is king.  Things are tough everywhere.

I have applied for EI – not sure if I will get it as I am still employed by the three places I got ROE’s from but I am drastically underemployed so that should help one hopes.  Having been on EI so much – I know it will take its time investigating.  Should know more in four months or so.  I wouldn’t get much and not for very long (the minimum is now 14 weeks and you need 700 hours of insurable hours).  We shall see.

Gosh this is a tedious job entry.

Because of UBC, I can put off looking for further work until the end of March. Hurray, hurray.  So that is, let me see, well seven weeks.  That seems a bit long and broke.  Hmmm.

Still tedious, let me think.

I got nothing.  Nothing have I got.

Y’all, back to Hollywood maybe?

Nah, I got nothing.