Trolling Scott Baio

Okay.  I admit it.  I troll Scott Baio’s Facebook page.

Phew, there I admitted to my wee fan base of half a person.

Now, anyone under 40 or so will have no idea who Scott Baio is.  But for people of my generation, he was Chachi Arcola on Happy Days.  He was so cute and and so dapper like Joanie said and they sang that song and he had dreamy eyes.

I think nostalgia is big everywhere.  None more so than when Glenda and I went to see Donny Osmond at the PNE several years ago.  Swoon.  Thunk.  Swoon.  And oh he knew how to play to us middle-aged women.  THUNK big time.  And I hadn’t even been that big of a fan.

Lately I have been on a David Cassidy binge – not how he is now but how he was back in the day.  Swoon, thunk.

So awhile back I began to look at Scott Baio’s Facebook page. Holy cow.  Holy horse.  Holy all that is holy.

He’s a big Trump fan.  He was asked to speak at the RNC you may recall.  His profile picture his of him and Trump (to heck with the grammar in this sentence).  Because I both love and hate conflict (my 50 minute hour and I are working on this, check back in with me in about 18 years) I’m in there counter commenting.  He and his fanbase are the type of Americans who not only love Trump but love him arrogantly and without any reason that is actually factually correct.   And anyone who doesn’t is hit with endless amounts of comments about how they are crazy liberals and swear, curse, and the like.

Scott also has a foundation that helps kids born with I believe mitochondrial disorders, as is daughter almost was.  And that’s an amazing thing.  The foundation helps out parents in a myriad ways.

But now,  it seems, Scott Baio has taken a liking to white supremacists. I would say he was one but I don’t want to get sued. His commenters also love white supremacists. And they pull out the most bizarre information and interpret ‘facts’ in the most bizarre and disturbing ways.

Scott waited for several days after Charlottesville to post anything as I think he wanted to wait and see what Trump would say. Trump of course said what he did and boom, at the races again.

But the question really is, why can’t I stay away from his FB page?  I know full well that trolling trolls, especially trolls who are supported by almost every other troll in the comments section, is a huge mistake.  It will never ever get anywhere – white supremacist types feed off of people like me.  It is food for them and I know this.  I know all of these things intellectually very well.

But there I go anyway.

I think some of it has to do with me not having enough to do (I should find enough to do) or and not having enough people in my life.  Online white supremacist trolls are creepy and horrible but maybe it is at least a connection?  That seems a bit sad really.  And it certainly doesn’t make me a happy happy person.

Go figure.

What is my point? The psychology of trolls is apparently being studied quite extensively now since it is no longer new newish.

My other thing is why is Scott Baio so bent on defending white supremacists?   And why do I care that Chachi is doing this? Heck, Ted Nugent is doing it too but I don’t seem to care about that.  Meh, I was never a Nugent fan.  But Chachi ArcolA . . . .