Slightly gaga

Was never a fan of Lady Gaga.  Not so much that I wasn’t a fan maybe but more I thought not for me and is there actually talent to go with the meat dress.

Turns out so.

Her Netflix special has been rather panned by critics but I enjoyed it.  Her song, Joanne, from her album of the same title, is very powerful I think. Poignant.  Brilliantly sung in my Neil Diamond loving opinion.

If’ you’ve ever lost someone, listen to Joanne.  Joanne, Gaga’s middle name, was her aunt who died at 19 before Gaga was born.  In the documentary, she plays the song for her grandmother and her father.  Not a dry eye in my tiny abode.


Not much else to say.  I’m done at the university and back to very temporary part time at a couple of places. Same old, same old.

Oldness of the same.

Not feeling great (menopausal nausea probably, which is TMI but this is a blog! An oversharing and rarely updated blog) but will go to my writing group tonight.  I am bringing “Classic Caesar” potato chips.  Won’t eat any myself due to the aforementioned health complaint but what a fun flavour.  Maybe clamato-y?  Who knows.  We had cinnamon bun flavour once and that kind of messes with your salt-loving mind.

Madonna thinks Gaga steals from her – maybe, I could see that.  But I don’t think Madonna could create a song like Joanne but maybe she could.

Seems Gaga has almost 72 million twitter followers.  Seems a lot.  She was just here in Vancouver which I didn’t think too much about at the time.  Now I’m suddenly Gaga-aware.

I have woken up gaga.

The Los Vegas tragedy will be over-analyzed as per usual and the mourning of 59 lives will be lost in the dust of it all I think.

I should try to wake up to more musicians.  It’s kinda fun and poignant at the same time.