downtown school life

I worked for a great downtown ESL school for years – about seven.  Then it shut.  Long story really.

Now I ‘work’ for another.

Work in scare quotes.

Not because it’s scary, ha.

Although really.



An hour here. An hour there. Often two hours separated by hours, like today. An hour in the morning and an hour in the late afternoon.

The downtown school hires lots of other ‘teachers’ (scare quotes again!  Actually Entertainers!) who get way more work than I do even though I’ve been there for coming on a long time now.

Because I couldn’t get 4..8/5 regularly on student evaluations.

The students are 19 years old and the school is always training them to give high evaluations.

It’s all weird and hard to explain.

Here’s the thing – this downtown school is the ‘best’ of the bunch.  The rest pay much worse.

Meh – late fall/winter is always like this for me work wise – really slow and demoralizing.

The downtown school normalizes really rather horrible treatment of employees.

The beat goes on.

I’m going to New York City in a few weeks for 10 days.