Some more

I am hearing an entire phone conversation under my window (well, one half of it).

“Cindy!  How are you?  I’m in Vancoooover and I’m just finishing up my walk with my dog Alfie.  So when’s your last day?  Yeah, yeah.”

I’m assuming she doesn’t mean her last day of life.  “So when is your last day of life?”  Yeah, oh yeah.”

That would be kind of weird.

I wonder what city the caller is in and does she think Vancouver is pronounced Vancooooover.  Cindy, where are you and how do you pronounce Vancouver?

I am bored.  Yup.  The winter is endless this year in Vancooooover.  Rain rain rain rain rain.  There is talk of a sunny day coming up.  Glory be.

Glory be.

Oh, wee wee very wee fan base here at – I am still job searching!  Isn’t that crazy!  Well, I’m currently clinging to two hours a day for a few days at the downtown school and a bit at L. College.  It is craziness all around.  Tedious as heck.

I’ve applied at a few random places – BC Ferries to be a ticket taker! But have heard nothing of course.

So much tedious.

One can only watch so



My birthday is coming up and I will officially be in my early to almost mid-50s goodness gracious.

Good lord.

What the heck.

I am trying to think what else to write about New York City.  Well, I recently read an excellent book on gentrification there – “The Creative Destruction of New York City: Engineering the city for the elite.”  Academic, well-researched.  Having read that, reading “Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost its soul,’ is disappointing and I’m glad I got it from the library and didn’t buy it.  The writer writes with passion which is good but he is short on facts and the facts he does have he seems to have cut and pasted.  He has a blog as well by the same name.  It is hard to go from a very well-written book to a much less well-written one, tis true.

The tedious time totally terrorizes me.

That’s dramatic but lots of nice ‘t’ sounds.

I don’t know how to change my life or take advantage of the time so I, I.

Well, at least I am blogging again I guess.

I have a “swipe again,” postcard I got in New York.  Oh who cares.  Sorry, that is the tedious in me.  It refers to the Metrocard and how often when swiping to get to the subway, it says Swipe Again.  And you’ve got a line up behind you.  It’s a bit of a crazy thing.  I read that New York City is finally going to be set up for Smartphone use so I guess you can get through with that.

I also have a postcard of a young Elvis’s face and neck, shoulders.

I have been working Saturday mornings at L. College (will be 8 Saturdays in all. I’m replacing another teacher who had to take last session and this session off.)  A good little gig it is.  Anyway, this weekend the college is closed for Family day weekend so I signed up for an “Invisible Disabilities’ workshop at a downtown church.  Should be very interesting and informative.  I am looking forward to it.  I am pleased that it fell on a Saturday that I could actually make it. (R. if you are reading this I can still make it to book club.  Everything at once.  Won’t be tedious at least!).

Have you seen Vancouver winter skies?  So many clouds it is just one giant dark cloud of darkness. Sigh.

Oh yes, I took a couple of great tours in NYC. Run by Free Tours on Foot, they are free but of course you tip after which I did and generously – great tours.  I did one of Greenwich Village and one in Harlem.  The guides are generally older folks, probably retired and making a bit of extra money.  A good gig – they may work three or four days a week and the tours are about two hours.  The more people, the more tips of course.  I think it is a great idea.  The Greenwich Village guide was super knowledgeable and had a ton of interesting information to share, three quarters of which I forget oh well.  The Harlem tour – it was freezing cold that day and I almost didn’t go but I did, I did.  Also very interesting. The Harlem tour started at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, which is part of the New York City library system.  I was early (surprising) so went inside and looked around at a little gallery and a great bookstore/gift shop.  Everywhere in NYC the gift shops/bookstores were awesome I found, especially the New York Public Library’s on 42nd Street.

What else, what else.

No, really, what else.

Nope, that’s it.


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