Downtown shrove Tuesday and gee

So. Working a two hour shift – that is right 120 minutes – is not illegal apparently in the ‘education world’ as one might, on a randomly strange day, call the downtown school.

Then I’m not working until Thursday evening in the fourth of eight classes at L. College.

That’s right, things are still silly and difficult in the work world.

My brain is not on – had some insomnia then some weird nightmares where I moved to Mexico and had a breakdown and the late actress Esther Rolle was there to offer support.

You can’t make these things up. Well, I guess you can but why.

Oh, right, New York, I was going to write about that.

Let’s see.

Nope, I have nothing at the moment. A return trip for me this year  seems more unlikely since i’m never working and also now have the Samsung 8. A lovely phone and a lovely improvement from my 2.5 year old Samsung Grand Prime that no longer held a charge for very long, had no space, and the charger thing was wonky and I kept having to buy new charger cords.  I got a good deal from Fido (local carrier, owned by Rogers) and now have 10 gigs of data which I in no way need that much but it was part of the good-ish deal.

So there we go.

Lots of space on the phone and I have been enjoying adding apps and games.

The phone was $110 (tax in) plus the 2 year plan obviously – if i break the phone – that will be $1,000 please and thank you.

I hope I can enjoy it for a few minutes before the breakage.  No more cell phone while taking a bath!

Have I mentioned that I need a job?  I can probably fake my way through a spring/summer with a bit of work here and there but come September I am oy oy oy.


and finally, oy.

Let us get our minds off of all this, shall we?

I think I ‘d like to go back to NYC but not necessarily the whole flight madness and weird Air BnB weirdness (double weird).  The thing is (here is the thing) NYC is so expensive that it would be hard to find a cheaper place to stay unless I found another Air BnB but better the devil you know, you know?

I don’t think I can eat pancakes for dinner, so ixnay on that Shrove Tuesday free deal.

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