and then, snow

My niece was rather amused by my video on Facebook that showed the newly falling snow in Vancouver blanketing everything.

“So late in the season!” I noted.

Heck, said my niece, this is typical mid-winter in Ottawa.  Well, yes, and even more so in my hometown of Winnipeg where I lived for the first almost 21 years of my life. I also spent part of my 20s in Medicine Hat, Alberta,, which also knows for snow.

But that was years ago.  One forgets.  Five years ago when I was in and out of a Winnipeg winter visiting my terminally ill mom and then for her funeral (sniffle, Christmas Eve, 2013) I couldn’t quite believe the cold.  It was -50C with windchill, the wind blowing snow off the ground.  I’d forgotten about the hard packed snow/ice on the sidewalks.

“This is, it’s, it’s inhumane!”

Tomorrow morning I have to commute out to L. College which was closed today but which is promising to be open tomorrow.  Goodness knows how long it will take me to get there and I can’t imagine many students showing up.  Dread.  Dread.  There is less sanding in Vancouver, less shovelling of common spaces.  Lots of falling. Slipping, falling.


Apparently the snowing will stop at 5 am and then return tomorrow night.

Tis how it is.  Here’s hoping I don’t fall. Godspeed and all of that.

My brain is not too well and I’m hoping that doing some part time work at the university for three weeks will help.

Things are not well but perhaps as well as they can be under the conditions.

Well, that was vague but necessary.


Drivers were still driving down the street I live on, even though it is very steep and not in any way plowed.

Terminal exceptionalism – the idea that one’s situation is always different than other people’s.  Like no one else can drive down this street because of the danger of slipping and sliding but I can.  That kind of a thing.  Thanks to Rob Lowe for explaining that definition.  In his case he was speaking of Charlie Sheen and a different kind of snow.

The evening news is showing video of the highway and people sliding off, their cars often turning upside down and all sorts.

Brains are tricky.

Wow, a woman not related to a dog that fell through the ice at Trout Lake jumped in to save it.  Holy wow!

R. is a good friend.  ‘Sometimes your Facebook comments can make you seem mean and grumpy.  And you’re not but that is the impression you can leave.”

He was right although I am mean and grumpy. His was a good point though.  When the brain’s not up to snuff, the mean and grumpy FB comments come out.

Winter needs to go in preparation for spring.  I want to ride my bicycle.



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