so kindly

Today started out not too badly.  Luciano and Dale skyped me from Brighton, England.  I had met Dale way back in 2003, during my epic 8-week jaunt through parts of Europe.  It was right at the end of my trip, when I was at a hostel in London and sick as a dog.  Sick as a dog.  Dale was also in the tiny tiny tiny room of four.  Was a co-ed room, obviously.  Anyway, we’ve kept in touch and I stayed with him once when I was in London again.  Last year I went to Brighton, stayed in a really tiny room in a B&B (really, really tiny – England – and especially near London – is incredibly expensive), and hung out with him and his beau, Luce.  They are both from South Africa and in fact next week are returning there to get married.  They’ve extended repeated invitations to me to attend the wedding but alas while I obviously have the time, I don’t have the money.  Luce is a pretty pretty boy (he wants me to say that at all times) and just super nice.  They’re both young, I think 32 now, but super awesome and they both have made it a point to keep in touch with me.  Luce also writes so we’ve bonded in that way.

And then, right after skyping, a woman from my wee wee church called me and said she had an extra ticket to this great and awesome Christmas concert tonight.  I’d wanted to go as I went last year and it was fun and fun with superb singing.  But, alas, I’m watching my pennies so thought it wasn’t to be and had even forgotten about it.  This woman from church had bought an extra ticket, planning to give it away to someone who might like to go.  Sniffle.

Then I went downtown to meet Fiona.  We were going to go to the ‘pay what you can’ Les Cage Aux Folles but alas it was sold out.

“I think the cashier was flirting with me,” said Fiona, who is tall and beautiful and well flirted with.

“I think he was gay,”   I noted.  Never mind, all the men flirt with her.

So we went to the German Christmas market instead.  You had to pay $5 to get in which is just silly IMO.  Anyway, it was quaint with quaint things in a quaint atmosphere.  Fiona just got back from living in Germany for almost a year and said that some of it was quite authentic.   She reached a point though where she got tired of looking at ‘overpriced handmade things.’  This made me laugh and I agreed, even though some of the stuff is beautiful.  Luckily, bull in a china shop type that I am, I didn’t break anything.    So we then went to the nearby downtown library and my love of libraries makes my world less sucky for a few minutes.  And then I walked home for an hour.

Wow, this is probably a rather dull breakdown of my day, although it is probably the most interesting day I’ve had for awhile.  I’m quite lethargic generally.  Part of this is due to my not great sleeping schedule – I need to start making myself get up earlier in the morning, whether I sleep well or not.  But then I think what the heck am I going to do with all those extra up hours.  It is a good question.

Oooh, on a documentary right now they are doing three stories on vacation disasters.  I think  woman’s husband dies on a cruise ship.  Interestingly, terrifyingly and amazingly, I knew a woman who was celebrating her 60th birthday on a cruise.  On the dance floor, she dropped dead.  Her husband (who after witnessing the event needed emergency help of his own) watched her face turn grey and watched horrified as she fell to the floor.  Luckily, a doctor and two nurses were also on the dance floor and they saved her life.  I hadn’t talked to her in a long time when I saw her son a few years ago.  “My mother died,” he told me.  I paled, stopped breathing for a minute and felt dizzy.  “You should call her,” he added. 

Hmmm, I might have to change the title of this blog to job searching and such.