I shall stop forsaking the blog

My fanbase has deserted me and I don’t blame you.

I haven’t blogged since May.  No!  No!  I say.

No excuses really.  I think my wee temp. job is causing me stress and this has somehow frozen me blog-wise.

Although the weather has been so bad in Vancouver that I could literally actually freeze.  Today is sunny and the first day that has been sunny in awhile.  Tonight the rains are a coming and it is to rain every day for at least a week.  Sheesh, I say, sheesh.

The Quebecois students in the Explore program I am teaching also say eeek.  They haven’t had any nice weather during their almost 5 week stay here.  This weekend they are all going to Tofino and it is supposed to pour, poor dears.  The next (and last for the year) Explore starts in July, so hopefully better weather for those folks.

A friend pointed out yesterday that I have a muffin top.  Sigh.  Well, the body it does change once one is say, past 40.  Sigh.  Sigh.  Do men have muffin tops?  I really do notice my body changes and even in my face, getting a bit jowly or some such.  The brain definitely stays younger than the body!  I find it all depressing but then most people do I imagine.  Men often age better although some bloat out (Al Gore, John Travolta) or kinda get frail (Bill Clinton, George Clooney a bit).  Women have a harder time of it.  Oh, the shallowness of it all but still something one does think about.    Especially when one is single.  Oy.

Speaking of exercise, I’ve been absolutely thrilled to be back at Kitsilano Pool, even though it has been cold!  The water is heated to 25C which is great.  It’s just the getting out that is chilly chilly and brrr.  I walk home in 8 minutes or so and then take a hot shower.  I look forward to the (hopefully) coming days of summer when I can lounge in the sun (or shade) afterward.  When first back, I was having trouble getting my breath and had to stop several times.  This is improving so that’s good.  Today I will definitely go swimming, yee haw.

I think I’m losing my blog ability or maybe like swimming it takes awhile to get it back on track.  Your patience is appreciated while I undergo construction.  We will be open for business during this transitional period.

So I’ve now taught 4 of the 5 weeks of the first of two Explore programs at UBC.  Next week is the final week, filled with tests, dinners, interviewing and evaluating.  Should be quite busy but two free dinners so really, not so awful.  Then an (unpaid) ten days off (due to the July 1st holiday it’s a nice stretch), then 5 more weeks of Explore, then 3 weeks back at ELI and then back to unemployment! Well, at least I’ll have had 13 weeks of solid work.  My EI is all but done so I’ll be living on my savings come August 24th.  Eeek.  I’m going to try and get a few irons in the fire before the end, as it were but the job market remains tight and ESL, the career I am still trying to get out of but realistically am still in at the moment,  gets a whole lot smaller come fall/winter.    Wow, the will be my second September unemployed!  Wow.  But what a tax return I will get at the end of the year!  That’s a good way of looking at it me thinks.

On the week off in between programs, I’ve already got a couple of appointments (non work related) set up and am hoping the weather is good for a lot of kits pool lying around (er, laying around?).   I don’t really need a week off seeing as I’ve had a bunch of weeks off over the last while but I will gladly take it.  Explore is intense – the students are intense, fluent and demanding.  Some are lovely, some are awesome.  ALL are demanding.  And it is some work developing curriculum from scratch!

But we’ve had three nice field trips – we are required to do three field trips per session, hopefully in something related to what we have been learning.  We went to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC – a fascinating museum that has as its calling card, the skeleton of a huge blue whale from PEI.  We watched a 45 minute film on how they got this whale from PEI to Vancouver -very interesting.  We went to Chinatown.  It was rainy and cold unfortunately but the students enjoyed it.  The big hit, though, to my surprise, was the CTV tour we did yesterday.  CTV isn’t giving tours at the moment due to massive construction but I know people who work there so lucky my students!  Apparently the CBC tour others did wasn’t so good, with a less than enthussiastic tour guide.  Our CTV tour guide was really great and the students LOVED it which surprised and thrilled me.  They can most definitely be a picky picky bunch of folks.  So, relief.  It was nice to be downtown again too, I miss the downtown vibe type thing.  So of course I went to Chapters and spent money and to MAC Cosmetics.  I rarely go to MAC and when I do the stuff I get lasts a long time.  Phew, it’s hard not to spend money when you get a paycheque, even though I know I need to be saving most of what I make for my upcoming rainy days. It’s kinda like a trick of the mind thinking I can actually spend money on something other than food, cable, internet,  transportation and hydro.  Oh and chips.

Today the students are working on their presentations and I am blogging.  The Wifi at UBC drops and undrops, kinda like a mystery.  I therefore learned how to download videos I wanted to show which saved a lot of stress.

These students are smart smart and most are having great fun with the weekend trips, the week night activities and club hopping.  They are exhausted though and most have caught rather vicious colds, which they gave to me last week.  No surprise there.  I muddled through until last weekend where I hermitted up even more than usual which I think helped me to get better much more quickly..  Achoo, etc.

What else?  oh geez I’ve been commenting on a few different Mormon blogs now – an odd obsession really.  I must stop picking on the Mormons!

More later.