oh, teeth

Eeek, wee wee fan base, eeek.  Eeek.  Well, my front two teeth have long been horribly ground down – due to ice chewing and well, grinding. I got a mouth guard to wear at night a few years ago.  But recently, I’ve noticed more ground down-ness (the two teeth are almost shorter than the teeth around them) and chipping!  And the gums around there kinda ache.  eeek, this will be expensive, people.  No idea what to do.  So I’ll go get a cleaning ($200!) and then ask about the teeeth. eeek.

and I say, eeek.

Still enjoying the Kobo.  And the bus, apparently.  Last night, I two-bussed it over to the West Van. library for the evening portion of the North Shore Writers’ Festival. First up was the great writer, Anita Rau Badami and then Marina Endicott, who has written a historical fiction book about vaudeville in Canada in 1912.  She showed photos from her research.  Quite interesting.  I find listening to writers inspiring.  And then i was able to borrow Badami’s new book from the library on my Kobo!  Yee haw.

Then the buses back – the slow down is always waiting for the buses and then the connections not, well, connecting.  No big deal obviously in the grand scheme of things.

A  further example of how my mind (mis) works:  while I was waiting for the second bus at Burrard and Georgia around 9 pm, I saw two women in their 60s I think walking by holding hands.  I have many thoughts about this – ‘are they just good friends?” “Do women in their 60s hold hands if they are just good friends?”  “Are they lesbians?  Do lesbians in their 60s hold hands?  Why have I never seen this before?  I’ve lived in Vancouver for 25 years and have been to Commercial Drive a zillion times and I have never seen elder lesbians holding hands.  Why do I care?  Why have I de-sexualized these two women because they are in their 60s?  Why don’t they have shorter hair?  Are they going to get on the bus (they didn’t) so I can analyze this further?  Do they live here?  Are they tourists?  Did they come out later in life or have they always been out lesbians?  Are they maybe sisters? Do sisters in their 60s hold hands?  How come I never notice older lesbians?  Why is that teenage kid who is also waiting for the bus pacing up and down, bouncing his basket ball?  Will he stop pacing?  Why is he pacing?”

It is a wonder really that my brain does not explode.  I am so used to my brain constantly going a zillion miles an hour (uh, kilometres really) that I don’t know how else it can work. 

Just a short post tonight – I’m wired and tired, not my favourite combination.  This too shall pass.