Oh good, my phone does work

So the roofers are a -roofing. Apparently the roof in my building needs to be re-tiled, so, for the next week to 10 days, re-tiling.  Because it’s an old mansion divided into suites, the roof is all over the place, including right outside of my bedroom window.  Hammer hammer hammer, air compressor air compressor air compressor noise and I can’t open the window cause if I do, in comes the dirt.  The Spanish (I think Mexican) crew works 8 am – 6 pm, with an hour for lunch in the side yard.  Around 5 pm the contractor comes to yell at them.  Am I repeating myself?  I seem to remember writing this story but maybe not for the blog.

I bought a pie yesterday. I know, I know and finally, I know.  It was cheap!  At the New No Frills at 4th and Fir.  Cheap!  I needed that pie.  Had a disastrous interview for a one evening a week for 12 weeks teaching job.  Yikes.  The interviewer, who I don’t think has ever taught ESL herself, was aggressive like I haven’t experienced.  “Why this, why that, why not” and on and on. I could barely breathe.  My mind kept going blank.  I asked my VCC source about this later (the interview wasn’t at VCC) and explained what happened.  She said, yeah, bad interviewing style.  And it was again, for a temporary 2 hour a week teaching position.  I wrote a rather well written e-mail after the disaster (if I do say so myself) but no response.  Do people really do that?  Not respond to e-mails?  Sheesh.   So needless to say I’m even further down in my nihilism.  I’m bored, I’m lonely, I’m edgy.  Stand back.  I want to swear here but I won’t. I don’t know how to talk my brain out of this spiral.  Eeek.

While I was riding my bicycle today up the wowza 8th Avenue hills, I realized that I hadn’t done that since Friday.  Other than a short bike ride on Monday and to my writers” group on Monday evening and to the disaster on Tuesday afternoon,  I have been spending the bulk of my time sitting on my bed, watching TV on the internet or reading and etc.  Same old, same old. Then I do a huge bike ride and wonder why it was so difficult!  Oooh and the rains they came down. I don’t think I’d mind volunteering but I have to admit that I want someone to just tell me – ‘go there and do this’ and not have to set it all up.  But that’s inertia for you.  Should I move?  I should move.  Where should I move?  I should move. 

I am sick of my own company, that is for sure.

Oh I did see B. today, so that was nice.  He had lent me his older Kobo quite awhile back and I’d downloaded something for it (Adobe Digital Editions, I think) but then got stuck.  So he kindly came over and over the hammering, set it up and showed me how to get e-books from the library!  Awesome!  I was pleased with that.  Thank you, B.

The pie is pretty much finished.  This is why I don’t buy pie.

On ‘Strange Addictions’ right now, a woman can’t stop eating tape and another can’t stop having her breasts enlarged.  In the next one, a woman can’t stop eating nail polish and then someone else.

Ok, people.  Let us form an unemployed group, meet for coffee but not be negative.

And, and per the title of today’s blog entry, someone texted me, thus proving that my phone does indeed work.

Everything happens for a reason, sure.  But does all the nothingness of my days happen for a reason?

Karen, this was a less than cheery blog.  We feel alienated.  We do not read this to read your complaints.  Please get it together.  Sincerely, some of the fan base. p.s. there is nothing wrong with pie.

Oh good, the tape eater has switched to chewing gum.

Oh good lord the breast woman has had a staph infection in the past and almost died.  The doctor is telling the viewers that the breast woman has an unhealthy obsession with her breasts! Uh huh.  Interesting that doctors kept operating on her.   Oh no, she went ahead with more surgery anyway and is now 38 MMM.  My strange addiction is watching the show, ‘Strange Addictions.’  Oh, they are showing her drinking the nail polish.  Oh and the other woman is addicted to digging in her ears.